CSS, HTML, JavaScript, MySql, Wordpress, postgreSQL, PHP
Last Active: 24th July, 2014

I am a freelance web developer, illustrator and researcher based in central London. I have 7 years experience as a front-end developer, as well as good technical writing, drawing and visual design skills.
I have a PhD in audio technology and am generally quite technology oriented, with a very broad skillset.
I am ideally looking for short-term contracts where I can work flexible hours, and at least partially from home.

Darren Wadmore

Web Design, Joomla, Html, Graphic Design, E-Commerce, CSS, Wordpress, PHP, MySql
@ London, United Kingdom
Last Active: 24th July, 2014

I have been a web developer (Freelancer) for 7 years.

I've worked in the Spanish Markets, the British Markets as well as the US.

Having traveled and worked with hundreds of clients all over the world, i feel my skills are pretty top notch.

From small business vCard sites to full blown PHP applications I have a solution within the right budget.


Database, LINUX, Windows, ASP, PHP, JavaScript, C, Python
@ Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
Last Active: 24th July, 2014

As a professional IT Consultant (Web Developer, Database Administrator, Systems Administrator & Server Engineer) with 20 years experience and the author of a best selling book on CentOS Linux (ISBN-13: 978-1849519021) I spend my time running and installing IT systems, designing web sites, analysing data, working as a technical editor for a well respected book publisher, co-ordinating marketing activity, troubleshooting, making presentations, installing networks solutions, building business syste ...

Bee McNamara

ASP, Html, Javascript, Photoshop, SQL, Database, SQL Server 2000, Freehand, Dhtml, Flash
@ Bristol, South West, United Kingdom
Last Active: 24th July, 2014

Several years experience of working for web design firms and for Government agencies as a web developer as well as experience of taking on freelance work.

Thomas - Top Web Developer / Designer

PHP, jQuery, E-Commerce, MySql, CSS, ASP.Net, AJAX, .NET, CMS, Graphic Design
@ London, South London, United Kingdom
Last Active: 24th July, 2014

Web Developer / Graphic Design -
Freelance / Contract / Remote - Available 12hrs per day
London UK based.

I can assure you the very best is right here and your in the right place to efficiently and professionally get things moving "WITHOUT ANY RISKS!"

I and my small team of 2 have developed many diverse and technical websites on platforms such as Wordpress, Drupal Magento and others, including the customisation of themes, scripts, plugins and applicat ...

Ben Sims

Html, CSS, Graphic Design, jQuery, PHP
@ Yeovil, Somerset, United Kingdom
Last Active: 23rd July, 2014

I am a budding web developer that wants to expand my portfolio and earn some money. I work currently work part-time and am a full time student until July 2014.

I can work remotely or within my local area (Yeovil, Somerset)

Nick Chambers

C#, ASP, Flash, SQL, E-Commerce, PHP, Javascript, SQL Server 2000, ASP.Net, VB.Net
@ Leicester, Midlands, United Kingdom
Last Active: 23rd July, 2014

BSc (hon's) Computer Science degree. 12 years postgraduate commercial experience as a web developer. I developed the Green & Easy website. I developed all of the code of the range of websites Please see my website -

Kelly Teagle

SQL, PHP, MySql, Dhtml, Javascript, Database, Photoshop, XML
@ YO7 1EP, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Last Active: 23rd July, 2014

I worked for three companies during my 13 years of working in the industry, before becoming self-employed. My first job was as a Junior Developer at Majestic Design Ltd, then I moved to become Principal Web Designer at Wemaster Marketing Ltd. After that I was Senior Web Developer/Consultant for Calvis Ltd., before becoming a freelance web designer and developer. I became self-employed in 2006, and have been operating as a freelance web developer/consultant since then.

Slavev, Slavi

SQL, Database, C#, ASP.Net, VB.Net, SQL Server
@ Bulgaria
Last Active: 23rd July, 2014

I have 20+ years experience as desktop and WEB developer.
I am result-oriented, customer-focused and motivated by challenging assignments.

Software development:
- Systems Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation of applications
- Desktop, WEB and Client/Server application development
- .NET Framework, C#/VB, ASP.NET, Delphi
- MSSQL Server / T-SQL, MSAccess Query.
- Database design and programming
- Object-Oriented Programm ...

Pieter Botha

Javascript, .Net, HTML, PHP, CSS
@ Selby, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Last Active: 23rd July, 2014

I'm a skilled web developer with a strong background in server-side technology (Asp.Net, PHP) and an experienced front-end developer with a passion for the web.


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