Dan Winchester

Freelancers.net co-founder


Designed and co-developed this site, the Freelancers Network. 6 months as Producer, FHM Online. Overall responsibility for all aspects of this sites production. Initiated a feature which increased the sites traffic from 7 million to 10 million page impressions per month. 12 months Yell. Web Designer and Banner Advertising Coordinator. Designed web pages in HTML, Photoshop and Flash. Designed the first ever Yell site in Flash. Administered the banner advertising database using SQL and VBScript. Had daily contact with clients.



Labworks Ltd


This online guide to loans is the first site I have designed with a larger font size in order to be accessible to a wider range of users. Often larger fonts can look amateurish, so the challenge was to get a professional look in keeping with a loans website.

skills used: PHP, HTML, Photoshop

Labworks Ltd


I designed this insurance portal to be search engine friendly, as well as looking good enough to attract advertisers.

skills used: PHP, MySql, HTML, Photoshop

Ecommerce Group Ltd


Full build responsibilty for this database-driven tourist site. Features include a MySQL database backend, with search results based on proximity to a given location. Part-postcode searches perform a calculation based on 1.6 million records - but check out the speed! Designed to be as intuitive as possible.

skills used: Perl, Database, HTML, Photoshop

Labworks Ltd


UK online shopping directory.

I was responsible for the full build - design and development using a MySQL backend and Perl DBI. The site includes an online management system.

skills used: Perl, Database, PHP, MySql, HTML, Photoshop

Labworks Ltd


I built this hotel booking site using PHP and MySQL. It is designed to be more search engine friendly than user friendly!

skills used: PHP, MySql, HTML, Photoshop



I am solely responsible for the design of this site, and have major involvement in coding the backend, including CGI scripting and MySQL. I came up with the initial idea, wrote the copy, and do the marketing for the site.

skills used: Perl, Database, PHP, HTML, Photoshop

Work Flexibility

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Within Reading.
Within South Central.
Can telecommute.

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