Nathan Hensher

Web Devleoper


London based web developer specialising in Wordpress. Capable of carrying out a project from start to finish including spec, design, build and SEO. I am also able to host websites and provide a maintenance service.
I charge £175 a day but am open to an agreed sum.


Posted by Amy (Online blogger), Amy ellis

Written testimonial:
Couldn't recommend Nathan highly enough - built me a great functional site that works perfectly on my mobile as well. He took the time to train me on what I needed to know going forward and he was always willing to help me along the way - a really personable guy. Excellent developer with a great eye for design as well - highly recommend. Thanks!


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Designing and building websites. Developing widgets and plugins for Wordpress.

skills used: Web Design, Wordpress, PHP, Html, CMS, CSS, javascript , Jquery, SQL, Ruby on Rails


The client wanted a way to share their app on customers websites. I created a form that allowed customers to add their unique ID and a message to a widget that could then be added to the customers website. The widgets colour could be changed be selecting the required colour to match their website.

skills used: PHP, Wordpress, CSS, Html, JavaScript

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within London.
Within United Kingdom.
Can telecommute.

Length of contract