I have over 15 years web developer experience, including:
PHP5, OOP, Zend Framework, MVC, Symfony2, Doctrine2, MySQL, BBC Forge, OAuth, Facebook API, Twitter API, Vimeo API, Tumblr API, Git, SVN, XHTML, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Ajax, jQuery, Adobe PhotoShop, XML, XSLT, XML Schema.


Posted by Mark Reed (Technical Director), Find My Kit Ltd

Written testimonial:
Patrick is without a doubt a hard working and process driven individual. Every task is thought about in great detail before it is executed. His reliability and determination has played a huge part in our product being what it is today!!! Big thanks

Posted by Jacqueline Royall (Company Secretary), Rouges en Verts

Written testimonial:
Patrick Lock really excelled in two important areas: firstly he took the time to truly understand how we wanted to be represented on the web; secondly he understood that our clients are not typical web users and built the site’s design and functionality around that. He was able to explain, in non-jargon language, the various options available to us. The finished site includes an easily managed administrative system for us to keep the site up to date. He has always been there to answer queries when required. Patrick Lock far exceeded our expectations for the site and we have had many compliments as to its look and ease of use.

Posted by Andrew Lucas (Director of Engineering), PeerIndex

Written testimonial:
Patrick is a great Symfony2/PHP developer. We hired Patrick to help with rebuilding our website from scratch, his expertise in Doctrine and ORM enabled us to quickly build our data access layer. He's mindful to capture requirements accurately and works well within a team, he's a good fit for a startup company.


Find My Kit

Sole developer for built using Symfony2 and Doctrine2. The site includes a bespoke CMS, Barclays payment gateway integration, and PDF generation.

skills used: PHP, Html, CSS, Jquery, MySql


Developing the web site using PHP Symfony2 framework and Doctrine2. Connecting to Amazon Web Services EC2 RDS, DynamoDb, and S3. Signing in through twitter and facebook. Testing with PHPUnit and Behat. JQuery and Raphael JavaScript Library.

skills used: PHP, Html, Jquery, Testing

Studio Pretty - London

I built a video portfolio site build for a TV Production company. This includes front-end HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and back-end PHP using Symfony2 and Doctrine2. I built a bespoke CMS and integrated with Vimeo advanced API for video content. -

skills used: PHP, Html, CSS, jQuery

The Mill

Freelance PHP Developer, using the Symfony2 Framework to connect to the Twitter API and supply a JSON feed for a flash app, for live updates. The app appeared in The Mill’s window, over the Queens diamond jubilee week.

skills used: PHP, Html, CSS, Jquery

Picture Ltd, London EC1R 4QB

Lead developer for a multi-site music events PHP application, built on the BBC Forge platform using the Zend Framework. This is a high profile, high traffic site due to go live in May. This project included rigorous user acceptance tests, PHPUnit tests, Agile working and continuous deployment.

skills used: PHP

Traffic Digital, Soho, London.

I worked as lead PHP developer, to build a multi web site application with content management. I used the Symfony2 framework and Doctrine2 ORM. "Patrick worked for a month on a new CMS website platform written in Symfony 2. Patrick is diligent and self sufficient, and we are grateful to him for helping us take the plunge into Symfony 2." - Jonny Perl, Partner, Traffic Digital

skills used: PHP

Stubborn Heart Productions - London

I built the front and back-end for a web site, with bespoke CMS using Symfony2 and Doctrine2 for Technologies include using Zend_Oauth to connect and retrieve data from Tumblr blogs, and Zend_search_lucene to store and retrieve search indexes. HTML5, and jQuery.

skills used: PHP, Html, CSS, jQuery

Rouges en Verts

This is a multi language web site built using Symfony2 and has a bespoke cms, making use of the Gedmo translatable extension. -

skills used: PHP, Html, CSS, jQuery

Skive Creative, London

PHP Symfony2 and front end Developer. Rebuild of a complete mini site for Aviva, using Symfony2, Doctrine2, CSS3, HTML5, and jQuery.

skills used: PHP, Html, jQuery, CSS