Global Incident Tracking Model/Web site

posted on 3rd January 2017
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budget Upto £20,000

I would like freelancer or team to help me execute and refine my vison for risky map. Below is an over view of the product I would ike to create. I would like to tap into array of available data sources from google maps, stock exchange, companies house, news feeds, social media etc to be able do following :-
> Riskymap is a true big data analytics project which tracks and reports on real time global incidents (news) and associated risks,with suggested mitigation strategies.
> The true value of our service comes from the ability to forge relationships between local, national and international data sets combining data feeds from numerous news, market and social media sources to create actionable intelligence for our customers.
> We are passionate about displaying our data visually and make use of geomapping, html 5 and Angular technology (only exame could be bettwr alternatives out there) to create data sets that you can play with to help you make informed decisions be it you are a one man band investor, government agency; economist, education establishment or multinational corporate.
> The power of our algorithms teases relationships between global incidents and company data which you may never have known existed. We have back dated world events for past 100 years and focussed on fortune 1000 companies and G8 government's that shape this world.
> Imagine tomarrow we have another airline crisis. E.g. Malaysian airlines disaster. Riskymap is able to
> 1. Plot where on the global map the crash took place , the routes malasia flies globally
> 2. What the cause was and if data not available probable cause based on similar incident and proffesional opinions failed controls and controls that can be implemented
> 3. Impact
> 4.similar disaster that have occurred in past and what mitigation strategies were used Panam; TWA, American Airlines
> 5. CEO and board member details their pictures social media linked in profiles and face book pages ,other companies they are involved with..
> 6. External sites reporting the news
> 7. Share price pre and post disaster .
> 8 .associated risks
> Riskymap allows you to see the woods from the trees. Allows you to see the bigger picture. Allows you to see what issues other companies or nations are having. Allows you to understand how they have mitigated their issues. Allows you to understand how issues are inter- related. The power of our platform is unique. We have sanitised all of our data with the intention of adding value. Riskymap is not a simple news reporting website. It is a data-rich platform with powerful dashboard capability with power to ask "what if" scenario questions. It can be used by economists and lectures to understand present and future economic trends based on historic and real time data.
> The beauty of our application is that all data is presented high level so easy to use and understand. However due to its drill down capability the high level data becomes granular based on your interogation options.
> Show me the top 5 regions for cyber crime in world, ok show me top 4 states in US for cyber crime. OK show me type of cyber crime committed within these states, ok show me which companies and government agencies were impacted by these types of crimes, ok show me the highest impact by monetary loss? OK be specific about the type of cyber crime and other similar crimes committed globally and how it was mitigated? How many news websites have you come across that give you this much power and control over world data? We are connecting the dots so that the world suddenly begins to make sense. Welcome to risky map!

All applicants must be based in the UK and confirm that they are eligible to live and work in the UK.

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