Anton Laurens

CSS, Html, JavaScript, Java, Photoshop, C#, Python, PHP
@ London, UK
Last Active: 27th January, 2015

- Full-stack developer with Java/ C# (ASP.NET)/ Python (AppEngine) backend and JavaScript/ HTML/ CSS frontend experience seeking contracting/ freelance roles or exciting permanent positions.
- Experience working on native Android and BlackBerry as well as mobile web applications.
- Experience using Cordova CLI to wrap mobile web applications for both Android and iOS.
Worked as a mobile architect coordinating the technical requirements of new business requirements across all ...

Marek Gaj

jQuery, CSS, HTML, MySQL, PHP, Photoshop, JavaScript, Java, Python
@ Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom
Last Active: 21st January, 2015

I have been surrounded by computers ever since I remember. I am interested in everything what is connected with technology, incessantly expanding my knowledge. I have a passion for solving problems, constantly perfecting my craft, and producing work that I can be proud of. This is my passion that I would like to turn into my career.
At present, I am a student who is looking for an opportunity to connect the education with part-time job.

Dustin Graham

C++, DHTML, Python, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Web Design, XHTML
@ Omaha, Nebraska, United States of America
Last Active: 21st January, 2015

Game was shut down due to Server problems. and they ran out of money to fund it.
i offered to build servers but they wouldn't pay.

Robert Coster

Dhtml, VB.Net, Javascript, Html, PHP, Database, ASP.Net, Photoshop, E-Commerce, Drupal
@ Brampton, Cumbria, United Kingdom
Last Active: 20th January, 2015

Experienced web developer with skillscovering and open source platforms including linux, php, drupal and python/django

Barak Shohat

C++, Database, Python, PHP, Java, C#
@ Timrat, Israel
Last Active: 19th January, 2015

I'm a highly motivated, resourceful and creative IT professional with a "nothing is impossible" attitude, and over 12 years experience in IT consulting and software engineering.

I excel at analyzing and simplifying business problems and processes, working closely with my customers to find and implement best technological solutions for their needs. With complete dedication to the job at hand, I am also adept at rapidly creating prototypes and initial software versions for startups, ...


C#, Translating, Java, ASP.Net, Python, C++
@ 10400, Cuba
Last Active: 15th January, 2015

I'm a computer scientist, I'm ready to work.

Anthony Lopez-Vito

Wordpress, Html, Drupal, UNIX, PHP, C++, Python, MySql, Java
@ London, London, United Kingdom
Last Active: 13th January, 2015

I operate under my company Another Cup of Coffee Limited which specializes in customizing Drupal and Wordpress sites for start-ups, charities and small-businesses.

In the past, I've worked with a systems integrator; world-leading mobile operators; banks and a $100bn Japanese trading house.

Internet technology, software development and systems analysis.


MySQL, PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, LINUX, Python
@ Windsor, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Last Active: 13th January, 2015

A self-motivated senior web developer with a "can do" attitude. In the past 5 years initially worked as an employee (9 months) then remotely through my own LTD company for one major client Alfresco Software Limited (2007 - 2012). It's a rapidly growing Open Source organisation where learned new skills through working with various technologies and systems.

Living between two countires UK and Poland, mobile although prefer to be more ecological, save time on commuting and work remot ...

Python, Perl, C++ , SQL, Java, Assembler
@ Svtl nad Szavou, Czech Republic, Czech Republic
Last Active: 13th January, 2015

Student software Engineer searching for rather small projects (application development, debugging, adding functionality).

Keith White

@ Birmingham, Midlands, United Kingdom
Last Active: 12th January, 2015

Development of machine learning systems for real world applications.

These are intelligent adaptive systems that improve their performance on a task as they gain experience on the task. They may incorporate techniques such as neural networks or genetic algorithms.

Reduce cost, Improve optimisation, Improve accuracy, Increase efficiency, Optimise material use, Reduce waste, Generalisation.

To benefit from machine learning systems ple ...


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