Ben Thomas

VB.Net, C#, SQL, XML
@ St Neots, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
Last Active: 4th October, 2015

First class honours degree in Multimedia Technology and Design.
Four years experience writing VB.NET in commercial roles.
Experience with the .NET Framework, SQL Server and Windows Server.


CSS, Java, jQuery, MS Excel, Perl, PHP, SQL, Wordpress, .NET
@ London, London, United Kingdom
Last Active: 3rd October, 2015

i) Excellent software development skills.
ii) High quality products delivered in a timely manner.
iii) Vast experience developing large projects.
iv) Have led teams to many successful project implementations.
v) Provide technical leadership, mentoring and guidance.
vi) Key skills - PHP, CSS, HTML, SQL, JQuery, MySql, Wordpress, Java, .Net
vii) Full stack front-to-back design/development
viii) Experienced wih Git, Subversion

Michael Griffiths

Html, CSS, ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server, jQuery, JavaScript
@ Royston, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Last Active: 4th October, 2015

I can assist with anything from minor alterations to your existing site to a brand new dynamic data-driven web application to search engine optimization.

Paul Coke

Html, Javascript, ASP.Net, SQL Server 2000, MySql, PHP, XML, SQL, Dreamweaver, Java
@ Luton, South East, United Kingdom
Last Active: 4th October, 2015

I have extensive experience of web development programming and code in a myriad of languages including, PHP,, classic ASP, Javascript, JQuery, Perl/CGI. I also program in JAVA and have recently begun programming android mobile applications. I have been developing for over 10 years.


SQL Server, C#, ASP.Net, VB.Net, IIS
@ Middlesex, United Kingdom
Last Active: 3rd October, 2015

Can be provided on request.

Ralph Beardmore

xhtml, XML, JavaScript, CSS, ASP.Net, SQL Server, Security, SQL Server
@ Derby, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Last Active: 2nd October, 2015 and web developer, competent in html5, css3, ms SQL, linq, seo, social media marketing, I can also fast track ecommerce websites at affordable prices. I have worked on Search Engines and Advertising servers, Travel Booking Sytems, HR to booking system gateways and Payment systems for CitiBank and MasterCard, as well as PayPal and epdq payment gateway integration. contact me for details.

Peter Cooke

SQL Server, jQuery, ASP, ASP.Net, C#, CSS, Database, Html, JavaScript, XML
@ Cholsey, South East, United Kingdom
Last Active: 2nd October, 2015

I am a uk based professional web developer with over 10 years commercial experience.

I use various technologies - ASP.NET/C#/JavaScript/HTML, a detailed list of what I've done and some sample projects can be found on my website.

PDAs / Mobile Development (apps operation in UK at 3 major airports)

VB.Net, SQL Server, .NET, C#, ASP.Net
@ Basildon, Essex, United Kingdom
Last Active: 2nd October, 2015

Business use mobile applications currently in use in UK at the following airport lounges:
1. Heathrow airport
2. Gatwick airport
3. Manchester airport

Business use mobile application development, with integration to backend database servers, to pull and push data synchronization operations

Other Mobile apps may include:
1. Stock taking
2. Sale price tag and/or label printing
3. Data capturing at goods receiving points
4. Items b ...

Brad McAllister

ASP.Net, Database, Html, SEO, SQL Server, C#, Wordpress, .NET
@ Richmond, London, United Kingdom
Last Active: 2nd October, 2015

Need to hire a highly professional freelance developer?, I have been designing, developing and promoting dynamic web sites and windows business automation processes since 1999 and am highly competent in the use of full stack Microsoft .net development in addition to Wordpress based business sites hosted on my managed Linux server cluster.

Specialising in designing and administering databases, creating interfaces using Microsoft WebAPI to expose data over the web securely, CRM resp ...

Glynn Martindale

Html, CSS, Wordpress, Illustrator, Joomla, jQuery, Photoshop, JavaScript
@ Purfleet, Essex, United Kingdom
Last Active: 4th October, 2015

I am a web designer with specialist skills in developing BOOTSTRAP WordPress Themes and UI Plugins. I also have specialist knowledge in developing bespoke online booking systems for businesses such as tutoring agencies and hotel booking systems.

My experience spans over seven years, customizing WordPress and Joomla! themes through hand coding in HTML, CSS (Inc. CSS3 Media Queries), PHP and JavaScript. I have over three years experience in developing bespoke Joomla! applications and ...


Farrukh Subhani
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Mitchell Scott
Mitchell designed and developed our website to specification just over a year ago, he was reliable, ...

Mitchell Scott
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Mitchell Scott
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Nivedita Bhattacharya
Was great working with her. She's very accommodating and puts forth the best of ideas at every stage...