David Perry



I attained a BA (Hons) in animation at Wolverhampton University in 2004.
My company has produced e-learning tools for Birmingham City University, as well as other product demos. I run workshops and sessions to teach users and administrators the usage and applications of these tools.
My role at Screen Media Lab was Senior Demonstrator in Digital Media and Animation, so in my day to day role I was constantly teaching and advising staff, students and studio clients in a range of subjects. Typically I would be demonstrating Avid, Photoshop, Maya, Encore DVD, camera, lighting and sound equipment. I also wrote courseware and manuals for the studio on a regular basis. A large part of my role was also technical support and problem-solving in the use of these technologies.
I use a broad range of industry standard software to create my clients briefs, these include:

Project name: Virtuar
Client: Birmingham City University

On the Virtuar project I used a variety of software and techniques to achieve the final assets for the product which is currently online internally at the University, and from January 1st will be commercially available online. We have also created a SCORM version for use in NHS infrastructures.
I used Maya to create low-res poly models to run in real-time in the Unity3D game engine. These included a nurse character and props like a hospital bed, desk etc. The nurse model included a full skeletal structure.
I used Maya to layout UVs ready for texture mapping and creating a rig to allow animation data to be applied. Inside Maya I skinned the mesh to the rig to allow for proper weighting for movement.
I then created a snapshot of the UVs and imported that into Photoshop for texturing. I used my own reference photos to create the uniform; the head and shoe textures were created in ZBrush. I also created a black and white texture of the completed uniform to allow me to use masking to pull out further detail for the normal map.
I used projection painting in spotlight to create the head texture, for the shoes I used some standard alphas to draw basic details. Once exported and assembled back inside Maya, Appling the colour and normal maps, it was exported as an FBX file.
For the required movement in scenario development I used a Vicon MX system. The motion data was then cleaned using ViconIQ software to create the final c3d files.
In MotionBuilder I applied the motion data to an actor. This allowed me to re-evaluate the motion and make any further changes as necessary to the scenario needs.
After this process I characterised the nurse model using the actor to drive the animation before transferring it onto the nurse model's rig. Using this technique I could export separate FBX files into the various scenarios required. Once complete I used the story window to apply the FBX files to the nurse character's rig and set up floor controls for the hands and feet.
The learning tool required that students viewed an incorrect version of the scenario first and by successfully selecting from a list what was wrong with the scenario it would play the correct version. Using animation layers and various keying techniques I animated over the top of the existing key frames to create these errors in the movement of the character, I then used some key reducing filters to reduce file sizes. A final set of correct and incorrect moves for scenarios with one, two and three characters interacting together in the scenarios were created. I also created separate animation files for each if required later.
The files were then imported in to Unity3D with the shaders and textures applied, before handing it over for scripting.
I was required to create the video walkthrough using Maya, MotionBuilder, After Effects, Soundbooth and Photoshop, and also creating the marketing materials which included high resolution imagery for print through to producing and authoring DVD and podcast content.

Project name: DMA1
Client: Dark Matter Audio

Dark Matter Audio hired me as a Freelance 3D Artist to create a huge amount of artwork which would become the graphics for the company's first product - the DMA1 which is a colour touch screen, app-enabled smart audio hub Interface. Graphics included designing icons, audio effects pedals and updating some existing work.
After being briefed on requirements and look design I then started basic modelling. I used Maya to create a series of geometric shapes based on existing physical guitar effects pedals on the market, and created a set of knobs and connectors to use with each effect. After getting a green light on the rough designs I started designing the colour schemes and finish. The brief asked for a carbon fibre finish so I downloaded a Mental Ray shader to handle that, before setting up shaders for the knobs, dials and LED details.
The environment used Mental Ray's image based lighting and an HDR image as well as a spot and area light, the chrome details were set up using an mia material along with animated shaders for the LED's on the dials.
All the rendering was done using render layers and composited together inside After Effects, before being split up into the various png sequences for use on the device.
I also created a set of icons for the interface using mainly Photoshop, and some Maya renders to simulate realistic glass details for compositing.
All the graphics have been used to showcase the device and it has been published in a number of articles, as well as being used as leverage for investment to bring the device to market - which is due January 2012.
My company produces sophisticated e-learning tools for the Education and Healthcare industries. The tools we create use the latest technologies to help deliver the visions of our clients and educate a wide variety of users.
Whilst working in my role as Senior Demonstrator I worked hard to introduce new projects. These included an animation stop motion seminar with an animator from Aardman, linking up with Escape Studios in London to deliver high end training courses, working with and teaching on the Handsworth Grammar Schools Film School project (Gifted and Talented programme) and documenting a famous art forger called John Myatt.
Through my contacts in the film and vfx industry I am currently engaged in discussions covering a variety of projects including interactive 3D scenario-based learning tools for the healthcare industry, digital audio applications for Performing Arts and contemporary independent films.
My portfolio demonstrates that I posses strong skills in communication and teamwork. I project manage extensive learning tools and communicate with a range of parties and abilities.


My Portfolio


Various projects, my involvement being creating all interactvie 3D and rendered imagery as well as some interface work.

skills used: