Ayan Kumar Patra

Freelance Web Designer (13yrs Exp.)


* Multimedia Faculty member for 15 months.
* Graphics and Web Designer for 18 months in a Web Development & Promotion company.
* Chief Editor with a corporate house for 9 months and responsible for the launch of TV Channel EDATE MEDIA.
* Web Designer for 2yrs with Himalaya IT Group Pvt. Ltd.
* Web Designer for 1yr at SSI Group.
* Senior Web Designer for 1yr at SSI Group and handled the designing team of 15 members.
* Chief Operations Officer (COO) for 2yrs. Looking after both design and development team, communicating with national and outsource clients and taking care of the deadlines etc.
* In August 2009 finally resigned as COO of SSI and started my own firm "IndianWebDesigning".


Posted by Neha Khan (COO), Armaans Events

Written testimonial:
We had another chance to use IndianWebDesigning recently to revamp our website completely AND also to add further pictures to our gallery and adjust our accreditation logos, few contents and this was achieved most professionally and with ease by Ayan Patra who designed and developed our company website earlier. Ayan enabled us to communicate all our requests by email and fully understood our brief and now our website looks more bright and clear for all our visitors to see and understand what our company is all about. Ayan kept me informed each and every step of the way and notified me when the task had been completed and if we were happy with the result which INDEED WE ARE!! We asked that the gallery have captions beside them to explain what they were about. I expected to have a caption under each picture but even better than this the caption comes up when the mouse travels over the picture which was unexpected and this looks so much more professional then a load a typed captions under the picture.

We shall use IndianWebDesigning and Ayan again when we need to do any other alterations to our site in the future. Many thanks IndianWebDesigning and especially Ayan.

Posted by Armaan Khan (MD), Armaans Events

Written testimonial:
I spoke to several web design companies in search for our new event management company website. It was very important that we find the best company for the job as the lion’s share of our customer inquiries are generated from the website. Every company that I spoke seemed to give me the same sales and marketing pattern. I then spoke to IndianWebDesigning and found some fresh air breathing in! This company actually seemed like they cared for my project. Personally i felt that they were also as passionate as we were in getting the right website tailored for our specific needs. I signed up there and then! Our allocated web designer was Ayan Patra. I couldn't praise this guy enough! We made lots of changes and even changed our minds quite lot of times. But throughout the entire design and development process Ayan remained very calm, patient and professional. So if you are looking for a truly professional and knowledgeable company to design your website then look no further than IndianWebDesigning.

Posted by Dr. Asha Singh (Doctor)

Written testimonial:
I instructed IndianWebDesigning to design a blog for me and my profession. I found the whole process from start to end really well and professional. The web designer allocated to design my blog website was Ayan Patra. I found him to be on the dot with what i have asked of him. He was quick with his reply to my requests and throughout the process happy to make any changes or updates i needed. Even towards the end of the process when i wasn't 100% sure about the functionality of the website Ayan would patiently wait for me to send any new requests to him.

So a big thanks to Ayan Patra and the IndianWebDesigning team.

Posted by Mrs. Aliva Nair (Mother), Aarav Nair

Written testimonial:
They have excellent communication skills and the best part is they were ready to hear about my requirements clearly and silently. Once they understood my requirements, they involved me in each part of the website design and development process from choosing colors, fonts to the online working styles.

Another thing which i liked most is the introduction of BLOG which i have never asked for. BUT during the process when they came to know that Aarav is putting up at Delhi with me while his father is working at Dubai and in-laws are staying at another city, they asked me to use it for keeping in touch with my husband with Aarav's regular routines, images and videos. Even they gave me few hours of free training on how to login to the backend area and use the blog system. Though i have not used it yet but after the summer holidays i will use it certainly.

The final outcome was really more than my expectations. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED with all 5 STARS. Good Luck !!




Another Content Management System (CMS) website built from scratch starting from a simple PSD design, then PSD to HTML and finally a CMS Template development is done to use it in the CMS website.

skills used: Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Dreamweaver, Html, CSS, Joomla

Armaans Event & Entertainment


Design and Development of the website from scratch.

skills used: Html, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Joomla

Aarav Nair (Baby Website)


Designed and developed the website from scratch. Started with the design in photoshop and developed it into a CMS Template after the final approval of the design.

skills used: CorelDRAW, Photoshop, Html, CSS, PHP, Joomla

HelpVillageIndia - NGO


everything from designing to development including Domain Name booking and Web Hosting

skills used: CorelDRAW, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Html, CSS, JavaScript



1 Stop For All African Music & DVD's. Hip-Life, High-Life, Gospel, Jazz, Soukous, Nigerian, Pop, Raggae, Soca, Calypso & More

skills used: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, E-Commerce

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