Alexander Hay

Editor and writer available for projects.


Policy & Communications Consultant, Software Sustainability Institute/University of Southampton, February 2013-Ongoing
My work for the SSI has included a wide range of duties, ranging from research to online media:
• Web editorial & social media
My primary duties at present include regularly updating the SSI’s web site via a Drupal-based CMS and promoting its Twitter feed, alongside successfully promoting its content via aggregators such as Reddit.
• Copywriting for the Web and print magazines
Part of my duties includes writing copy for the SSI site on a regular basis. This requires meeting exact deadlines, alongside communicating to a wide audience of software developers, scientists and researchers from across the disciplines. Examples of my work include a recent piece on the digital humanities, as well as an on-going series of features on open source software. I have also written and had published a piece in entomological software research for Antenna, the Royal Entomological Society’s official magazine, as part of my promotional work for the Institute.
• Sub-editing
In addition to regular copy editing duties, I was often required to revise the work of scientists and researchers into copy that was accessible to a wide audience, while ensuring the end result remained accurate and true to the intentions of the author. Examples of this include articles on subject as varied as Marine Science, Palaeontology and Antarctic Marine Biogeography.
• Policy research
Another key area covered by SSI’s remit is policy development, and I play an active role in this regard. My most recent work in this regard is an in-depth study of postgraduate student numbers in the Russell Group universities, which has required me to work effectively with official data and to author detailed infographics demonstrating my findings via my InDesign and Illustrator skills.
• Image sourcing & editing
I maintained and updated an on-going log of all images sourced for and used on the site, in addition to selecting, editing and uploading those images in turn.
• Events management and promotions
I have played a major role in organising, promoting and running a range of events for SSI, such as collaboration workshops, conferences, operational meetings and seminars.

Web Assistant (Temporary), London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, September - November 2012
This role has allowed me to work in a varied and demanding role, covering the following areas:
- Web editorial
- Copywriting for print and other media
- Image sourcing & editing
- Fact-checking
- Working in HE & research
- Liaising with designers for print projects
- Handling scientific/medical/biological data
- Social media
- Sub-editing

Web Producer, Olderiswiser Ltd., October 2010-March 2012
This role allowed me to use and develop the following skills:
- Feature and news writing (specifically for an older audience)
- Web editorial (CMS, e-newsletters, databases)
- Social Media & SEO
- HTML & Dreamweaver
- Marketing & PR (Cancer Research UK)
- Proof-reading & sub-editing
- Image sourcing & editing (Adobe Photoshop & GIMP)
- Advising on site redesign and re-launches

Researcher, National Union of Students, April 2010-June 2010
I was employed to research and write a report on student patterns of ICT use and expectations:
- Research (literature reviews, working with data)
- Organising and running research events/seminars
- Compiling data from social media & questionnaires
- Report writing

Designer, YouGov Ltd, January 2010-February 2010
I was hired on a temporary contract to develop a prototype draft for YouGov’s Sixth Sense brand of business reports
- DTP (Adobe Indesign, Quark Xpress)
- Image editing and sourcing (Adobe Photoshop)
- Working with data (quantitative and qualitative)
- Proof-reading & sub-editing

Lecturer (politics, media law and ethics), Birkbeck College, January 2009-May 2010
I taught undergraduate students during this period, brining my insights into online media to the course in question:
- Training (lecturing and tuition)
- Law (UK media and defamation legislation)
- Politics (UK local and national government)
- Ethics (privacy and attribution)

Web Editor, University of Winchester, March 2007-December 2008
I ran a web site aimed at SMEs in the Hampshire area, run as part of the University of Winchester’s RKT strategy:
- Web editorial (CMS, e-newsletters, databases)
- Producing/Uploading Youtube videos.
- Feature and news writing
- Organising and promoting events

Music Journalist, Kerrang!/Record Collector/Powerplay Magazine, March 2001-Ongoing
I have written extensively for the music press over the last decade, covering a wide range of acts, genres and events:
- Interviews
- Research
- Developing contacts with PR companies/labels
- Copywriting

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Within United Kingdom.
Can telecommute.

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