Alex Delmont

Front End Web Developer


An experienced and passionate freelance front-end web developer with extensive knowledge of digital media.
I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to code cleanliness, clued up with front-end possibilities and limitations, experienced with cross browser and cross platform solutions, and am a good communicator of new ideas.

You may notice I have no feedback on PPH, that’s because I am new to this site, however, if you give me a chance to explain my experience you’ll see I have the skills you need for your job. I have recently given up my well-paying job at an agency in London in the hope to start up my own business. I worked there for 7 years doing work for such clients as Bayer and Lilly in a fast paced digital agency based in Camden. I have 10 years experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Wordpress, Node JS, Grunt. I have also been building responsive websites that work on all platforms for the last 6 years. The code I write is both clean and easily maintainable and is done using the Block Element Modifier methodology to achieve reusable components and code sharing in the front-end. I have an online portfolio at if you would like to see. Please have a look at my portfolio and the quality of the work will hopefully speak for itself.

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within London.
Within Greater London.
Can telecommute.

Length of contract