Al-Furqan IT Firm

Al-Furqan IT Firm is an on-demand outsourcing platform for business tasks.


Al-Furqan IT Firm is an outsourcing platform for business tasks.

Al-Furqan currently supports the Valuable business task categories online:

- Lead Generation
- Web Research
- Data Entry
- Data Research
- WordPress Zero Coding Site
- Graphic Design

Al-Furqan is a fully distributed company with all team members working remotely. To get onto the Al-Furqan platform freelancers have to score in the top on a Problem-Solving Test and a Task-Specific Test, in addition to a personal assessment.

If you have any Market research, Data Entry, Web research, Lead Generation, Data Mining task

Please knock us


skills used: Data Entry, Market Research, Marketing, Microsoft Office, Generator, Database

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within Dhaka.
Within Dhaka zila.
Within Bangladesh.
Would temporarily relocate.
Would permanently relocate.
Can telecommute.

Length of contract