Amek Patel

Expert in, C#, SQL Server, Microsoft technology, open source developement


I have 6+ years experience as a Microsoft Certified Developer as well working in open source technology.
currently I am working as a full time developer and Looking for the big web product/ application to make long term relationship with client.
in my past projects, I have worked on web based application and other open source project for our clients.

I am working well with everyone.. positive attitude. you can realize after meet me.

I have working for many years as a freelancer web developer, working mainly with HTML (more recently HTML5), MSSQL, JavaScript (I'm a big fan of the JQuery framework).

More recently (2009-2011) I worked full time as a web developer for a rigel network company where we built a "social network and learning environment" for use within the small business environment. This project came to an end in 2011 and still in maintenance with a total of 100,000+ active users and around 1,000+ daily updates.


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