Anadea is a team of creative and enthusiastic web developers. We love interesting and challenging projects and we seasoned in building bespoke applications with sophisticated design and backend. Our many years experience, profound practical knowledge of premium technologies, in-house team of nearly 100 IT experts and broad spectrum of successfully completed projects allow us to cope with the most challenging tasks and to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Our expertise includes (but is not limited to) the following areas:

- business management tools - customer relationship management (CRM) systems, project management and time tracking software, human resources management systems (HRMS), business analytic applications, paperflow automation tools, etc.;
- industry specific software for real estate (custom-built tools for increasing efficiency of realtors and assisting home owners in selling their properties), education (LMS systems and other learning administration tools), healthcare (EMR/EHR systems and other medical practice management software);
- Software as a service (SaaS) applications for enterprise solutions and key business operations;
- mobile applications - native mobile clients with sophisticated back-end systems;
- ecommerce solutions - web marketplaces, ecommerce portals for specific market segments, shopping carts, auctions and group buying websites;
- marketing and advertising solutions - marketing automation tools, classified ads, affiliate and referral systems;
- information management systems - search engines, directories and CMS;
- community websites - blogs, forums and wikis.

Our platform of choice is Ruby on Rails as it perfectly aligns with our values and allows our engineers to quickly write a high quality code which is easy to extend and maintain. We are also proficient in Java and innovative Scala languages which are very helpful for optimization website performance according to Reactive Programming principles. In mobile market, we focus on development of native applications of world class for iOS and Android.

We practice highly collaborative and flexible agile style of development. Our customers become a part of our team and they are deeply involved in the development process at all stages. This ensures delivery of top quality web solutions that truly meet our customers needs. The effectiveness of our approach and high qualifications of our engineers are confirmed by our excellent reputation and many positive feedbacks from customers.

We Build The Right Software To Meet Your Needs!



Tracker is our own custom project management software that handles all the aspects of managing projects from building an initial roadmap to guiding them to completion. It's a multi-user and multi-project management system that puts together agile team collaboration, task management, resource allocation, project planning, monitoring, documentation and invoicing capabilities. Tracker is integrated with our accounting system and internal business processes which allows us to control all our projects, create teams of developers, track the load and availability of our employees, deal with things like vacations, holidays and time-offs, calculate salaries and many more.

skills used: Ruby on Rails, postgreSQL, javascript , Jquery, Software Testing, Web Design


EbookingServices is a set of travel websites for theme vacations that allows to book and buy different vacation plans. The project started in July, 2012. The application covered three subordinate websites with training trips. Thus, we actually had to develop four websites - the parent site and its three children: - - the main site - - martial training camps and vacation packages - - yoga retreats and vacations - - culinary vacations According to the original idea, in total the websites offer over 1,000 vacation packages in 80 countries. They combine reviews and booking features. After project requirements review, it was decided to implement the project with Ruby on Rails and Mongo database. Well, Rails was our framework of choice, so no surprise here. But the Mongo DB was a move away from the tried and true MySQL.

skills used: Ruby on Rails, Database, Web Design


GetSocio is a SaaS for building full-fledged e-commerce websites with lots of useful options, e.g. an integrated mailing system, social media features and long list of available payment gateways. GetSocio is our internal project and we have built it from the ground up.

skills used: Ruby on Rails, MySql, Web Design, E-Commerce


Agentfolio is a collaboration platform for real estate agents and home buyers. This app provides convenient organizational and social tools to help home seekers efficiently collaborate with their agents and share the home search process with their friends. We developed website, REST API and design for this app.

skills used: Ruby on Rails, postgreSQL, Web Design

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