Andy Stokes

Computer/Internet/Web consultancy/development


Technical::: 20+ years software development in various environments - last 10 yrs PHP/MySQL (LAMP) custom development + Wordpress custom solutions. Linux web-server management & hosting. Domain management. Windows, Mac, linux, unix station/network administration & installation & use.
Experience of a huge range of software from 3D to DB;

(Human) Communications::: 11 years experience of teaching & training & course development. I am also a qualified counsellor and counselling trainer.

Creative::: Fine Arts to degree level, Tutor at Royal College of Art (Interaction Design & Mulltimedia) full-time for 5 years.

"We have developed an extremely good relationship with Andy who has provided us with advice on e-commerce options and built several excellent website solutions for our clients. He has always surpassed our expectations and provided us with a very prompt and professional service. He is great at explaining different options and issues in plain, clear English and I also really appreciated the speed and patience with which he handled several 'last minute' requests to build and update websites for us. I would certainly recommend him."
Charlie Pooley, Account Manager, M&N Communications

“Andy just gets the job done – he has so much knowledge and experience, we know we can hand him the brief and trust him to make sure that every detail gets thought about and dealt with – we don't have to worry about it...”
Paul Cutmore, Director, Immaculate - design & marketing consultants

"We have worked with Andy on several projects, mostly with interactive features needing inventive solutions. He has helped us to provide a tailored, bespoke interactive training program to our client using elegant solutions whilst having to work around their in-house protocols.
Everything he has provided for us has been watertight and unbreakable - we are fairly certain when problems arise that it is not in the code! He is helpful and inventive with a good sense of humour which helps a lot on tight deadlines! It is good for us to know that we can rely on him to help us solve issues and find ways of upgrading our product with his high standard of knowledge and experience."
Alex Walker, Producer, Wiltshire Video Ltd.

"We've always been impressed with Andy because he's thorough, consistent and thoughtful; and he finds a way to solve the trickiest problems that others can't fix. He's also very knowledgeable, and can get us out of a hole. He never ceases to impress us."
Kit Sadgrove, CEO, Home Study Courses Ltd

"I cannot recommend Andy highly enough, as we have worked with him over the last 9 years and he has always provided us with a professional and cost-effective service. The projects vary from web-based projects through multimedia CDs to on-line Database applications."
Keith Patterson, Director, Printout Productions/ PH2 Ltd.

"You don't want to know what's going on ... you just want it to work. Andy will sort it out inventively and professionally."
Elinor Harbridge, Editor, Community Living Magazine


Posted by Kit Sadgrove (CEO), Home Study Courses Ltd

Written testimonial:
Andy is the go-to guy for anything web server related (and doubtless other stuff too). He knows his way around like few others do. I wholeheartedly recommend him.


Direct Teamwear

Custom CMS website development (worked with pre-designed layout). PHP/MySQL/JQuery/Javascript

skills used: jQuery, javascript , CSS, PHP, MySql, Dreamweaver, Photoshop

Enovation Resources

Custom design/development of CMS website utilising PHP/MySQL/Javascript

skills used: CSS, javascript , Photoshop, PHP, MySql

Delcon Construction Ltd

Custom PHP/MySQL/JQuery/JScript site CMS site development

skills used: Html, CSS, JavaScript, Project Management, Wordpress, Web Design

Tanshire Holdings Ltd.

Prototyped, specified, sourced and customised theme, then populated this Wordpress site hosted on own Multisite Wordpress instalation.

skills used: Html, Project Management, Wordpress, Web Design

Essential Living

Customised Wordpress theme to duplicate highly specific client design and populated site.

skills used: Wordpress, Project Management, CSS, Html, PHP

Lucent Technologies

Internet Cafe software

I designed & developed a custom desktop/browser/portal & E-Postcard application for Lucent technologies internet cafe at Cannes

skills used: Director, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Html, LINUX

Round One Media/ Penguin

the magic world of Beatrix Potter
I acted as chief designer on this cdrom for Penguin Multimedia, developing the entire specification and creating the prototype on which approval was given

skills used: Director

Round One Media

The voyages of Christopher Columbus
I produced, animated and coded a cdrom based childrens publication which follows the voyages of Christopher Columbus. This features animated illustrations, a voice-over story, an interactive map of the world, & a treasure chest containing background information.

skills used: Director, Photoshop

Bereza Associates/MediaTrack

MediaTrack - Multimedia Media resource Database
With myself acting as project manager, chief programmer and sometime graphic designer, we implemented and put out 3 issues of a 60,000 entry database of contacts in media, integrated with 100s of portfolios (video showreels, audio tracks and slideshows). This also included a Rough Guide to locations, and a film stock library reference database

skills used: Director, Photoshop

Bereza Associates

Springteractive - interactive career guidance
a multimedia cdrom-based resource for Springboard relating to jobs in the leisure/tourism sectors. includes aptitude assessments / job and college databases, and video interviews.
I am the Project manager/developer for this project (which is updated yearly)

skills used: Director, Photoshop

Bereza Associates

An interactive cdrom & web-based time-capsule, based on a database of over 1000 questions/prompts, designed to evoke & encourage the writing of the users life-story to pass on to future generations in the next millennium.
I acted as joint project manager, concept-designer & chief programmer on this project...

skills used: Director, Photoshop

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Within Buckfastleigh.
Within Devon.
Within United Kingdom.
Can telecommute.

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