Hair techician for 20 years and more recently I have written for a student online magazine. I have in the last year finished a couple of projects including designing a fashion line. I have made all my websites for my hair, makeup and fashion projects. My most recent web content management job was for a holiday weather company. I am free for part time web content or writing jobs.


Posted by Larry Pickleman (creative director), tinyflea productions

Written testimonial:
Angela has been helping us with work overflow for several years now doing mostly remote copy-writing and content management. She takes on new tasks easily, is reliable, efficient and always a pleasure to work with.


The Student Scoop

Creative content writing.

skills used:

Moodypants (self employed)

I designed, sourced and sold Moodypants. I sourced the models, photographer and studio for the lookbook and website shop. I did the hair and makeup for the models and did all styling. I also made the website.

skills used: Creative Writing, Content Writing, E-Commerce, Event Management, Graphic Design, Project Management, Web Design


I was to read over the text content and search for images to place with the text using different sources, adding alternative text and labelling to increase traffic to the site.

skills used: Photoshop, Content, Data Entry, Proofreading, Windows, MS Excel, SEO, WRITING

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within Shoreham.
Within West Sussex.
Within United Kingdom.

Length of contract