Anneliese O'Brien


I am currently based in Edinburgh and working for the Glasgow design agency Lawrence Creative as a multimedia author, working in CDRom authoring and website production. Prior to this I worked for the Living Language Company, working within a Director environment and creating video scenarios comprising animated 3D characters using Poser and 3D Studio Max. Samples of this work are shown in the video section of this site. Previous to this I completed a degree in Multimedia. This includes production of material using Director and Dreamweaver, HTML and Java after completing an HND in Software Development, which focused on design and development of applications using a range of languages including Visual Basic and C. I have several years of experience in web design and have studied graphic arts for a number of years. Sites currently available for viewing are listed in the websites section of this site. I also have experience in producing multimedia CDs using Macromedia's Director. Sample CDs showcasing this work are available on request.

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Within Edinburgh.
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