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ap16 - On Demand .Net


ap16 is an established company dedicated to the delivery of cost effective business solutions within the SME business arena.

We have over 40 years of collective experience in implementing enterprise class solutions to major UK corporate clients.


Nova International

ap16 designed and developed a secure, centralised membership web service for Nova providing a common interface for all consuming applications to query and manage participant details, where their security permissions allow. The system currently controls authentication to a range of Nova web sites for over 200,000 unique users as well as interfacing with their back-office and fulfilment partner systems

skills used: .NET, ASP.Net, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, SQL Server

Leeds trinity University College

Developed the front end SharePoint website. closley integration to the Intranet also in SharePoint. Started in 2007 and now migrated to 2010. Implemented a complete design and skin to the forward facing website.

skills used: SharePoint, Project Management, Security, .NET, Branding

Dr Martens

Created and Implemented an Intranet solution that leans heavily on International collaboration and uses the very "Branded" messages and images that Dr Martens need to portray. Integrating Google mail and diaries and social media feeds. Micro blogging and document management.

skills used: .NET, MySql, ASP.Net, Training, CMS, Accessibility, JavaScript

Forensic Science society

The front end website is powered by apCMS, our Flexible and Scalable Content and Catalogue Management System providing a structured and simple to use interface for non-technical users to author professional web content with minimal web knowledge. The website also provides eCommerce functionality allowing the collection of Membership subscriptions as well as the sale of products and events via SagePay integration. The Forensic Science Society operates a bespoke Member Management System that manages offline member details, subscriptions and payment records. Our solution avoids duplication of data and the exposure of sensitive information to the web by facilitating real-time communication between the website and remote databases via XML Web-Services.

skills used: .NET, JavaScript, AJAX, SQL, ASP.Net, Event Management

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