Rob Owen

Freelance Web Designer and Developer


I have spent over 21 Years in the IT Industry since graduating from the University of Northumbria with a BEng in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

I spent the first 8 Years of my career working in a variety of support roles including Team Leading and Project Management and have acquired a vast amount of experience and skills in many different technologies.

The last 13 Years of my career I have spent working in Web Development



My role as Web Developer is to take designs in Photoshop format and convert them into HTML, CSS pages conforming to W3C standards and uploading them to their enterprise level content management system (IBM Web sphere).

skills used: Html, CSS, javascript , jQuery


My role as senior web developer was to take over the support and development of an internal web based application. This application is a management information portal which takes data from various sources and allows users to build various reports. This was a custom PHP based system that had been built in-house but the developer had left leaving them with no support or development resource. My role involved the following: Translating business requirements into a technical specification Creating a project plan Documenting the application ensuring code was well commented Creating additional functionality and enhancements to the application Creating a WIKI incorporating user guides, developer documentation and FAQ’s Recruiting and training a full-time resource to hand over support and development to.

skills used: Html, CSS, javascript , jQuery, PHP, MySql, LINUX

Estee Lauder

My role as full stack developer was to provide support, integrate enhancements and perform refreshes on the Estee Lauder company websites. The back ends were built using OO PHP, Perl, MySQL, WordPress and Drupal and the front end using HTML5, Twitter Bootstrap, CSS and JQuery working in an agile (Scrum, Sprint) environment.. My role involved the following: Providing day to day support for the UK versions of the Estee Lauder Companies websites Bug fixing on the sites Integrating enhancements or additional functionality on the sites Performing refreshes, these were typically content updates but could include functional changes and template/theme updates/changes. This was mainly in the WordPress/Drupal environment. This also involved custom programming of modules, components and plugins. There was also an element of Dev Ops involved for automated build and deployment using tools such as Jenkins, Ansible, GIT and BASH.

skills used: Html, CSS, javascript , PHP, Perl, MySql, jQuery, Bootstrap

Work Flexibility

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Within Portsmouth.
Within Hampshire.
Within United Kingdom.
Would temporarily relocate.
Can telecommute.

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