Abha Gorai



• I have eight (5) years professional experience in the designing of websites.

• My primary focus is on Web Design and Front-end Web Development with the occassional faure into Back-end Development.

• I Design and Develop websites from Concept to Completion, including post production site maintenance, except for any Back-end Development work.

Professional Experience
Web / Graphic Designer and Front-end Developer
• Take a Design Brief and create website concepts for clients on a project by project basis.
• Create CSS and (X)HTML Standards compliant websites from the Concept Design.
• Include any Dynamic interaction e.g. JavaScript, DHTML, jQuery, and Adobe Flash.
• Create Themes for WordPress Websites.
• Email Newsletter Concept creation according to client specifications as well as conversion to HTML and CSS, to be sent out with a mailing system.
• Design logos, brochures, business cards, etc. to clients specifications.

Freelance Web Designer and Front-end Developer
• Create websites for clients on a project by project basis.
• Convert the concept designs to valid standards compliant CSS and (X)HTML.
• Design brochures for clients.

Web Designer
• Design website for Garden Centre.
• Convert the Design to (X)HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
• Create leaflets for interesting info about gardening.


• B.Sc in Multimedia & Animation


skills used: Photoshop, CSS, Logo Design, Html, CorelDRAW, Graphic Design, XHTML, DHTML, Web Design, JavaScript

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within Chandigarh.
Within Chandigarh.
Within India.
Would temporarily relocate.
Would permanently relocate.
Can telecommute.

Length of contract