Tomas Baltusis

Business development consultant | 8 years experience


During my 8 years work experience I have gained contacts in different verticals, worked and visited various countries there I was involved in such industries and sectors:

* Information technologies (Software, design development, and startup companies)
* Manufacturing (plastic, wood products)
* Retail and E-Retail (household, car spare parts products, agro machinery, clothes and more)

I help people in their business journey to travel from A to X by offering:

* Analyze the market and the product or service
* Prepare future organizational plans
* Make a business plan, an action plan, and necessary calculations
* Find and realize the business model
* Careful select skilled IT specialists
* Search for partners and improvement of sale numbers
* Guidance for entering international markets
* Pursuing and attracting the attention of investors
* Implementing future ideas
* Getting to the final goal

I match ideas with businesses and technologies with people, help them to save and gain more than they had before.
Focused on developing customer relationships and sales numbers increasements, new businesses development and helping to enter markets. In most cases, I am using modern IT solutions and tools.

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Would temporarily relocate.
Would permanently relocate.
Can telecommute.

Length of contract