I'm a highly motivated, resourceful and creative IT professional with a "nothing is impossible" attitude, and over 12 years experience in IT consulting and software engineering.

I excel at analyzing and simplifying business problems and processes, working closely with my customers to find and implement best technological solutions for their needs. With complete dedication to the job at hand, I am also adept at rapidly creating prototypes and initial software versions for startups, as well as training in-house personnel in sound software engineering practices.

- Web system development using Python / Django / Javascript / HTML5.
- Mobile development using cross-platform Haxe & NME.
- Networked, realtime and multi-threaded systems using C++ / C# / Java.
- Graphical and UI development with C# / wxWidgets / OpenGL / Flash & Flex (Actionscript 3)
- Database systems using PostgreSQL / MySQL / SQL Server / Oracle.



At Bazzisoft we provide a full complement of IT consulting and software development services, helping you simplify your business. We specialize in: - Simplifying processes and modelling elegant software solutions that free up your time and attention. - Providing you with a full complement of IT services on demand, from research and advice all the way down to hands-on software design and development. - Making IT work for you, without the usual high-maintenance headaches. - Ensuring you receive good value for your money, and usually more, at all times. For more information:

skills used: Python, C++, DHTML, JavaScript, C#, Java, Database, PHP, AJAX, Consultancy

01 Insights

PROJECT MANAGER, SOFTWARE TEAM LEADER: 01 Insights is a company heavily involved in developing cutting-edge software solutions for the gaming industry. Leading a small group of software engineers, and working in close cooperation with 01 Insights developers, I worked on projects spanning a wide variety of architectures and technologies. These projects included networked card games in C++ and Flash, database-driven competition systems using PostgreSQL, real-time network clients/servers for electronic gaming machines and several web applications using PHP/DHTML. My roles included the specification and design of the above projects, management and coordination of the development and quality assurance.

skills used: C#, MySql, Database, SQL, Python, C++, LINUX

WebFlicks Australia

PROJECT MANAGER, SOFTWARE TEAM LEADER: At the company's inception in 2002, I was employed to lead a hard-working software team in the design and development of a state-of-the-art online DVD rental system. This system included complex web-based customer and administrative interfaces, written in PHP and running on MySql and Oracle back-ends. These connected with a distributed warehouse logistics system written in C++.

After 6 months, whilst still supervising the addition of new features to the existing system, I moved into more of a managerial role. This involved running a sister company called Riversdale, which dealt with licensing the software and logistics system in Australia and abroad. My responsibilities included the creation of marketing websites and materials, active marketing, as well as negotiations and contractuals with potential clients. Once a sale was completed, I oversaw the system installation, provided customer support and held training workshops. Our efforts resulted in several high-profile contracts, including VideoIsland in the UK and Telstra in Australia, among others.

skills used: Python, MySql, Database, SQL, PHP, C++, LINUX

AAV Digital Pictures

LEAD ANALYST/PROGRAMMER, TECHNICAL DIRECTOR OF FILM AND 3D: AAV Digital Pictures provides services covering all aspects of post-production and duplication for film and television. I was primarily involved with the special effects division "Phenomena". My tasks included working closely with the effects designers by analysing their projects, and then designing and writing custom plug-ins and scripts to support them, using my high level of geometry, physics and image processing knowledge. I worked mainly with the 3D animation and compositing tools Maya, Shake and Discreet's Flame. One such plug-in used for grain removal from film images was non-specific and of such high quality that it was being sold to international graphic software companies. Given my highly technical background, I was also heavily involved in streamlining workflow procedures. I designed a distributed database system to allow the artists and producers easy access to project and billing data. I wrote an easy-to-use program to ease archiving and extraction to/from backup tapes. I simplified the usage of render boxes and developed a procedure for efficient storage and retrieval of media from the library, which was controlled by another department. I was also a projectionist and backup film recordist.

skills used: Dhtml, Database, SQL, C++, LINUX

IGT Australia

SOFTWARE ENGINEER: IGT Australia is a branch of IGT International based in Reno, Nevada. It is involved with all aspects of the manufacture of commercial gaming machines for the Australian market and abroad. I was employed as a software engineer working on both the operating system, written in C++, and the individual games, written in Java. Working as a member of a highly cooperative team, I did extensive work on a Java interpreter, the networking system and designed and implemented a specialized Java debugger. Much of this involved meeting with clients to match the technology to their requirements and expectations. I also worked closely with game designers and artists and created 2D animations, effects and custom gameplay for several games, as well as writing utilities in MFC with Visual C++.

skills used: Java, C++

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Within Timrat.
Within Israel.
Can telecommute.

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