Buddy Bryan


I started teaching myself how to use Photoshop when I was 13, maybe 14. I wanted to get into making web sites, but I realized it would be smarter to learn how to do graphics and layout designed before learning basic HTML. So between the ages of 13 and 18, I was developing my skills in graphics and HTML layout and design, and I started getting into CSS and JavaScript a bit. I made my very first commercial web site when I was 18: http://www.bcckids.org (the web site was redesigned by "Tangled Spider Designs", but I will be the webmaster still). After graduating high school, I went to a local vocational school to get my certificate in HTML (which was incredibly easy, I was hoping it would teach me something). A few months after that, I began doing online classes at http://www.sessions.edu/ and I received my certificate in digital design. I learned a lot about the professional side of graphic and web design from them. I had a very very nice portfolio set up of all the work I did during that time, but unfortunately my hard drive decided to crash, and it would not come back on for nothing. And of course, I didn't back up anything. When I was 20 (in the year 2000) I started my own business doing multimedia design. The business had three people, I was the lead designer, and I went over everybody's work to make sure it was user-friendly and design friendly, so that the clients who were familiar with HTML could easily update their site, or if they have their own webmaster he would have no problem finding any part of the web site. I would also be the one designing the site templates. I soon learned basic PHP, and began programming PHP. Shortly after that, I began learning how to do databases, but I didn't get too far with that. Another one of my employees was more of an artist/graphic designer, and she would usually do graphics or drawing up logos, or if we didn't have any thing to do, she would do the data-input after I made the design. And our other employee was an ASP programmer and database developer. We called the company quits to go our separate ways in 2004. I have made many professional business sites for different people as you will see in the portfolio. However, I have only listed what I have done that I could remember the URL to the site. I also do graphic design work, but I don't have a portfolio ready at this time.


A Contract Job from Eckweb Designs


I was given a bunch of digital photos, and told to make banners for each page to go on the top. I was given a sample of what they wanted, and I began optimizing the photos and resizing them, and then I made the banners.

So, the banners on each page at the top, is what I did on that web site.

skills used: Photoshop, Editing

A Contract Job from Eckweb Designs


I made a simple template with Photoshop, and started building my vision of an attorney's web site.

I found the graphics using various different searches, and they were all different sizes, and different quality. I then took those into Photoshop and optimized them for the web site.

I then took what I made and brought it into Dreamweaver and turned it into a template that can easily be edited for the designer that would be doing the web site.

skills used: Html, Photoshop, Editing, Dreamweaver

A Contract Job from Eckweb Designs


With this web site, I took a premade template, and changed many aspects of it using Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I gave it a feel which I felt was appropriate for the product.

I then took it into Dreamweaver and made a template, making it very user-friendly for the designer that would be making the site.

skills used: Html, Photoshop, Dreamweaver

David Swart (CEO of Advantage Telcom)


After seeing the work I did on his corporate site, he asked me to do the same for this site of some land he owns in Florida.

Again, the code was messy, so I completely rewrote everything. I didn't do too much to the layout until recently. But I did add the services page, and it was originally a form that people could fill out programmed in PHP, and it would then be e-mailed to him. I recently took that off at his request.

I also recently cleaned up all the pictures on the site, and I made the directions page much more user-friendly, by adding a large popup map, which I found from MapQuest, and then highlighted the route to reach his land.

skills used: Html, Photoshop, Editing, Dreamweaver, PHP

Felipe Luis - Contract Job for Eckweb


I did all the layout and graphics. I also did the entire English section, text and portfolio area. My partner at the time did the Spanish translation.

The client gave me digital photos in high-resolution of his artwork, and I touched them up, and created the portfolio from those.

Since then, Eckweb Designs has done additional work such as adding some more information, and changing a couple of text colors.

skills used: Html, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Editing, Dreamweaver

Advantage Telcom


I was given this site to be the webmaster, and update things here and there. After looking over the HTML, I realized it was a mess, and decided to clean it all up.

I recoded the entire site, and shortly after that the client got a new logo and a new business card design, and wanted the web site to reflect his new design. So I redid the layout to match the number pad logo, along with the space theme he had on his business card.

After that, I redid his logo using Adobe Illustrator, making it a vector graphic. That way he can resize it and use it for anything he wanted to.

I also had PHP forms for people to sign up for service, and they would go directly to his e-mail. He recently asked me to take this down and replace it with forms that could be printed and faxed to him.

skills used: Html, Photoshop, Illustrator, Editing, Dreamweaver, PHP

K.I.S.Saltwater Lures


I did this entire site, graphics and all.

On the products page, I took the pictures of each lure using my digital camera, and I had a friend of mine trace them out using her tablet, and I did additional imaging enhancements.

I also set up the PayPal shopping cart.

skills used: Html, Photoshop, Editing, Dreamweaver

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Within Florida.
Within United States of America.

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