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BeOnline Solutions is a freelance IT Solutions & Services Consultant with a team of talented and experienced Software Project Managers, Software Engineers, UI Designers, Programmers and Quality Assurance Testers who are combines latest technologies with business acumen to deliver high quality Unique Website Design & Development , Front-end Development, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Ruby on Rails CMS based Web Development, ECommerce Development using Magento, Prestashop, Zen Cart, osCommerce, Uber Cart and Virtual Mart engines, Mobile Applications solutions for Android, iOS, iPad, iPhone, Windows 8 Mobile and Tablet Devices, Software Applications Maintenance & Bug Fixing and Web Hosting services and solutions to individual, small business, medium business and corporate clients worldwide.

BeOnline Solutions usually provide services to individual customers as well but our main business module is (B2B) Business 2 Business and we offer complete back-end support to medium and large I.T solution, Digital Marketing and on-line stores for managing their own and their client's projects under strict non disclosure agreements.

We have mastered the craft of extending unique business advantage to our clients globally with our flexible business 2 business services model, enhanced efficiency, reduced costs and access to skilled human resources through our freelance system. We operate both in offshore and onsite (B2C) Business 2 Customer and Business 2 Business (B2B) models.

Since our inception way back in November, 2008 BeOnline Solutions with its network of talented & experienced freelance human resources in Pakistan and other countries is rapidly growing international and has earned a truly global presence with an unparalleled clientele in Germany, United kingdom, Ukraine, Canada, Pakistan, Afghanistan & Saudi Arabia and shortly became the trusted IT Consultant, Technology Development Partner and projects outsourcing management consultant to some of the most reputed organizations.

If you are serious about growth of your I.T Company, Digital Marketing Agency or your own and client's project requirement fulfillment and success with in your deadline BeOnline Solutions team can get you there.


Posted by Pippa (Software Engineer), Etempa Solutions

Written testimonial:
Helped me out on a couple of projects when I needed extra man power. Got the jobs done successfully.


Botheo Tankers Pty Ltd - South Africa

1. Designed website template using Adobe design tools. 2. Convert website template into HTML5+CSS3+JQuery. 3. Integrate the converted template into WordPress CMS, developed custom plugins and functions. 4. Designed banners and create/edit all pages contents. 5. uploaded and setup the website on client web hosting space.

skills used: Wordpress, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Html, MySql, Graphic Design, Web Design, Content Writing, XHTML, Video Production

Welcome Skate Store, Leeds UK

1.Design of Website Template 2. Conversion of PSD Design into HTML/CSS/JQuery 3. Integration of Design into Magento Commerce and Frontend Development 4. Custom Module Development for management of Cargo Shipments 5. Importing Simple + Configurable Products 6. Activation of PayPal payment gateway 7. Testing frontend/backend functionalies 8. Uploading the Website to client server

skills used: E-Commerce, Web Design, Data Entry, CSS, Html, jQuery, PHP, MySql, Photoshop, Testing

121Workwear Ltd, North Yorkshire, UK

1. Design Custom eCommerce Website Template/Logo & Banners 2. Conversion the PSD Design into HTML/CSS/JQuery 3. Integration of Front-end into Magento Commerce 4. Back-end and custom module development 5. Integration of Sagepay payment gateway 6. Creation of VAT Rules and Implement 7. Promotion Rules Creation for Free Shipping & 10% OFF Discount on Newsletter Subscription 8. Quality Assurance/UI and Backend testing 9. Uploading Website to Client VPS server 10. Imported more than 60 K Simple and Configurable products

skills used: Web Design, Photoshop, Html, CSS, javascript , jQuery, PHP, E-Commerce, Graphic Design, MySql

Metasonic AG, Germany

1. Design of Website Template using Adobe Fireworks 2. integration of PNG Template into Drupal CMS 3. Software Quality Assurance Test & Bug fixing 4. Uploading to client Server 5. Wrote a How To Manage Your Website Tutorial for client

skills used: Drupal, Windows, CSS, Html, PHP, javascript , MySql, Fireworks, Software Testing, Training

Handstaubsauger 24, Germany

1. Re Design Website Template/Banners for Slider for with much improvements in Front-end UI 2. Convert the PSD Design into HTML5/CSS3/Javascript 3. Convert the template into Magento Theme and complete all front-end development 4. Develop custom modules 5. Upload the website to client server 6. Conduct Quality Assurance and Functionality Test

skills used: E-Commerce, CSS, Html, Fireworks, Web Design, MySql, SEO

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