Adnan Ilyas


An innovative and self-motivated individual with vast experience in designing, developing, testing and deploying software and web applications and services for business and industrial use. I have excellent analytical, design and problem solving abilities. I’m extremely motivated and committed to delivering the highest standard of work.

Professional experience

Direct Marketing Services Ltd (DMSL UK)
Senior Web Developer
Jan2008 – Present

DMSL was established over 10 years ago, as distributor of BT products. In 2003, DMSL became the largest distributor of BT broadband, generating around half of all indirect sales of BT broadband in the UK. I’m currently working as part of their IT team and have contributed to develop several internet and intranet applications for DMSL.

Project Highlights

Check That Company

Checkthatcompany is a UK leader in online Business Credit Reports and UK Company Information. Website help you instantly credit check the customers before you give them credit.

I have developed, tested, deployed and managed the website. I have also implemented Barclays payment gateway and credit card 3d secure checks.

Tools used: ASP.NET C#, SQL Server, JQuery, EXT, CMS, Code Generation Techniques

CRM System

Purpose built CRM system for DMSL to manage their customers. CRM system includes management of prospects, leads, orders, customers, billing and reporting.

Tools used: ASP.NET C#, SQL Server, JQuery, EXT, CMS, Code Generation Techniques


In a nutshell fixITlocal is all about delivering the highest quality local IT services right to your doorstep - whether at home or business.

I have developed content management system for the website, including the reseller and vendor services. I have also implemented Postcode checking service to find the nearest reseller.

Tools used: ASP.NET C#, SQL Server, JQuery, EXT, CMS, Code Generation Techniques, Barclays API, Post code API, CSS


DMSL corporate websites, which manages DMSL customers orders and billing process and also provides the information about various offers available to customers.

I have implemented the design, developed the content management system and secure admin area to manage different sections of the website.

Tools used: ASP.NET C#, SQL Server, EXT, CSS

Newsletter Engine

Custom build mass emailing system which sends thousands of emails everyday to registered customers and members. System manages user lists, email templates, schedule emails, email delivery and provide detailed reporting.

I have implemented this service using following tools and technologies.

Tools used: ASP.NET C#, SQL Server, Templates and Chilkat Components.

Snippetz UK

Snippetz is an article publishing and marketing tool, which does paid marketing for DMSL clients.

I developed this website using following technologies.

Tools used: ASP.NET C#, SQL Server, EXT, CSS


This system supports more than 1000 resellers using the system on day-to-day bases managing around half million customers. We have built a flexible platform that facilitates the order processing of BT products through their reseller network. This includes a range of products from Calls and Lines to Broadband.

I worked in a team of 3 developers to finish this project.

Tools used: ASP, ADO, ASP.NET C#, ADO.NET, SQL Server.

Comrange Ltd London, UK
Web Developer
May2005 – Dec2007

My major responsibilities are developing bespoke web applications and working on in-house framework for Comrange designed and developed in .NET to help rapid application development for future Comrange web projects.

Project Highlights

British Red Cross Safe Hands

The British Red Cross, one of the UK’s leading providers of first aid and health & safety training, who train over 120,000 people a year launched their unique facility to support all delegates who have attended their training courses. Safe Hands Programme is expecting thousands of new registrations a month.

I worked in team of 3 developers to finish this project.

Tools used: ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET, SQL Server.

Street League

Street League in partnership with Comrange have created and implemented Comrange M&Ea unique web-based Monitoring, Evaluation and Project Management Solution.

Match Scheduling: The Street League Training sessions, players, locations and matches are all scheduled through Comrange M&E.

Data Collection: Player demographic and attendance data is collected through a web enabled Pocket PC s at pitch side which has a live link to the M&E system.

Monitoring & Evaluation: A combination of surveys, forms and polls have been designed for each of the access levels, and completed through the system when an individual logs on. In this way an accurate picture of satisfaction from participants, partners and funders can be accurately gauged by at any given time. This data can then be fed back to funding bodies and donors.

Project Management: The powerful real-time internal reports generated by Comrange M&E allows SL Management to accurately assess the status of the project at any given time.
I worked with 3 developers to finish this project.

Tools used: ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET, SQL Server.

WannaInsure gives cars, vans and home insurance quotes in partnership with different brokers.

I worked in a team of 2 developers to finish this project.

Tools used: ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET, SQL Server.

BikeInsure recognized that lots of riders get very frustrated at the outdated way they have to source insurance, and of course there is so much confusion about why one bike insurance broker charges half the price for one insurance quote compared to another broker and then charges twice the price for the next risk.

I work in team of 2 developers to finish this project.

Tools used: ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET, SQL Server.

Intaract New Media London, UK
Web Developer
May 2004 – May 2005

My major responsibilities were developing web applications which include B2B, B2C e-commerce, database driven website, portals and content management systems using Microsoft .NET technologies.

Project Highlights

PDP Tendertowin

This website gives up to the minute information about the exciting, new London Development Agency (LDA) and Great London Authority (GLA) funded programme. PDP is designed to create business opportunities for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in and around London by training and mentoring SMEs with the skills to effectively tender for and win profitable public and private sector contracts.
I started this project from the scratch and worked all the way to develop this application.

Tools used: ASP.NET, VB.NET, ADO.NET, SQL Server, Dream Weaver MX and Scripting.


XansonRSVP.Com is developed to handle all RSVP needs for weddings, corporate functions and all special events. Services provided by the website save time and money for event organizers by managing and recording their RSVP needs for less than the cost of using conventional methods.

 I started this project from the scratch and worked all the way to develop this application.

Tools used: ASP.NET, VB.NET, ADO.NET, SQL Server, Dream Weaver MX and Scripting.

Haringey Logik

Haringey Logik is a communication portal which brings together and represents the ICT sector in Haringey. Whether you are part of local business, or just want to find out more, Haringey Logik help bring business and people together.

 I worked with graphic designer to develop this application from the scratch.

Tools used: ASP.NET, VB.NET, ADO.NET, SQL Server, Dream Weaver MX and Scripting.

Global Interlord Tech Lahore, Pakistan
Web Developer – Team Lead
Jun 2002 – Dec 2003

I joined Global Interlord Tech as Web developer. My major responsibilities were developing n-tier web applications including B2B and B2C using ASP.NET, VB.NET, ASP, VB6, SQL Server, and COM components and other tools and scripts like Dream Weaver MX, Interdev, VBScript, and JavaScript etc.
After two months I was promoted as team lead.

Project Highlights

Pakistan Way (Web Portal)
Pakistan Way is a web portal with many channels. ASP.NET, VB.NET, VB 6, ASP and SQL Server were used in this application.

 I worked as a team lead along with my team for 5 developers to develop this
3-tier application.
 I developed COM components for client and administrative tasks in the application.
 I worked to integrate the application.

Jobs.PakistanWay.Com Project is developed in Microsoft .NET, this web application aims to help jobseekers and employers so that they can search and post the jobs respectively.

 I led the team of developers.
 I developed n-tier framework of classes for client and administrative tasks in the application in VB.NET.
 Integrated the final release.

Tools used: ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL Server, Dream Weaver MX and Scripting.

Bitwords Inc Lahore, Pakistan
Freelance Web Developer
Aug 2004 – Present

Projects Highlights is free greeting cards website.
I developed this website with help of one designer.

Bitwords Inc
Bitwords Inc is software and website application development company, I developed their corporate website.

Technical Skills • 7+ years of architecture, design and development experience using Microsoft technologies.
• Expert in code generation methods and techniques using own and 3rd party tools.
• Ability to create and manage content management systems
• Experience of developing e-commerce systems, implementing payment gateways.
• Over 5 years experience in ASP.NET 2 – 4, C# VB.NET as Architect/Developer.
• Experience of using JQery, EXT, Coolite and AJAX.
• Experience of implementing CSS designs in compliance with W3C standards
• Guided projects at the inception phase, including interacting with clients, gathering and documenting requirements, and prototyping.
• Architected sophisticated web-based and client-server business applications.
• Expert in Microsoft DNA platforms, COM and COM+ component development using Visual Studio 6.0. Deployed transaction-aware component systems to Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) and Microsoft Component Services (MCS).
• Strong working knowledge of SQL Server Designing, DTS, TSQL and stored procedures.
• Distributed Application Development, Database Systems and Object Oriented Analysis and Designing. Specialized in building software solutions ASP.NET, ADO.NET, C#, MTS, COM/COM+, DCOM, OCX.
• Worked extensively on MS SQL Server 2010, 2008, 2000/7.0/6.5/ and MS Access 2000.
• Generated several reports using Crystal Reports.
• Documented use cases, specifications, Architecture, Design and process flow diagrams
• Very good analytical and problem solving skills. Ability to analyze problems and find innovative solutions.

Platforms: Windows 7, XP, 2008, Windows 95/98/2000, Windows NT, n-tier applications
Presentation tier: CSS, JQuery, EXT, AJAX HTML, DHTML, ASP, JavaScript, ASP.NET, XML, ADO, ADO.NET
Business tier: C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, Web Forms, VB 6, ASP, C++, Java, JSP, XML., ADO, ADO.NET
Database tier: MS-SQL, MYSQL, MS-ACCESS
Applications/Software: Personal Web Server, MS-Office, Ms Interdev, Dream Weaver MX, CDONTS, ADO, ADO.NET
Configuration Management: Visual Source Safe
Middleware: Assemblies, ActiveX DLL, COM, COM+

Code Generation I’ve successfully used code generation in several web projects.
ASP.NET 2 & 4 I’ve been working with ASP.NET ever since it first hit the market. I’ve developed several websites using ASP.NET with C# and VB.
VB I use VB to develop business logic COM objects for my web applications and also develop desktop and distributed database application systems.
& C# I use VB.NET & C# to develop business logic DLL objects for my web applications and also develop desktop and distributed database application systems.
ASP ASP is Microsoft technology to develop dynamic websites. I’ve 3 years of experience developing websites in Classic ASP.
JavaScript / EXT/ JQuery I’m using JavaScript since I started web development, mainly to develop client data validation system to filter data input before post the data back to the server where its future validated.
XML/XSLT I’m using XML from 1 year now. I use XML to access or make data available for different websites regardless of their underling platform, and also to manage website configurations.
COM/DLL Using COM and DLL objects to design (OOP) Classes and Objects, which I use as business tier/layer in my projects.
SQL Server I use SQL Server as my database tier/layer. I’ve in-depth experience of creating store procedures, parameterized store procedures, views, tables, keys and transactional activities.

Skill Years Last Used
.NET 5+ Currently
SQL, PL SQL 5+ Currently
C# 5+ Currently
ASP.NET 5+ Currently
Web Services 5+ Currently
MS SQL Server 5+ Currently
Java 2 2004
XML/XSLT 2 Currently
UML 3 2005
Visual Basic 3 2002
.NET Remoting 1 2004
Content Management Systems 5+ Currently
Form Builders 5+ Currently

MSc. Intelligent Web Technologies
Queen Mary University of London

Masters in Computer Sciences
National College of Business Administration & Economics, Lahore Pakistan

Bachelors in Computer Science (BS)
Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) Islamabad, Pakistan

Intermediate in Commerce
Punjab College of Commerce


Certificate in E-Commerce (NICON)
Microsoft Technologies to make E-commerce sites and portal sites development using ASP, SQL Server, VB 6 and VB and Java scripting.

Certificate in Visual Basic
Database programming using SQL Server with VB 6.
Other Websites Developed

Personal Information Adnan Ilyas
Home address
16 Fairfield Close
Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 3RE
Mobile: 07973568216