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Skills: Lens design, Lens manufacturing, optical system design, optical system assembly, optical software development, radiometric modeling, testing optical component, testing optical system, imaging system, illumination system, UV VIS IR systems, image formation lecturing, optical design lecturing, virtual education, internal regulations in education, quality assurance in education.
My experience with optical system design, development and manufacturing go back to the year 1981 and until now. I did extensive work in the field of lens design, analysis of various optical systems, development of optical design software, radiometric modeling, as well as supervising and developing testing, production and assembly procedures and techniques for optical systems and components. I have been a key figure in the establishment and development of the optical industry in Syria. My duties also included extensive contractual activities. During this period of my career I visited many laboratories and factories in England, France, Russia, India, China, Germany, Armenia, and Slovenia.
I also lectured Image formation and optical design courses at different levels to undergraduate and post graduate students from 1995-2002.
My experience with virtual education go back to 2003 when I started as a lecturer for Internet Studies Unit, and later in 2007 I was contracted as a consultant by the university to develop their quality system. In 2009 I was offered a permanent job position at the Syrian Virtual University as the vice president for academic affairs.
My duties as a consultant for quality were mainly the development of quality procedures and documentations for learning processes. This included the qualification and credit level descriptors, as well as templates and examples to be used in the generation of the Quality assurance documentation. I also supervised the implementation of quality control system at the university.
As a vice president I was actively involved in the development of internal regulations of the university and especially those related to academic affairs. I also supervised the development of academic programs and the evaluation of academic performance. In addition I assisted the President of the University in matters related to local and international relations and in the selection of program directors and academic staff.


Posted by Michael Cuthbert (Former Head of School of Law & International Business), University of Northampton

Written testimonial:
Professor Dr Nidal Bizri
In 2010 I was appointed the Technical Expert in Law for an EC funded project upgrading the Higher
Education Sector (UHES) in Syria, due mainly to the work I had undertaken for the UK's Quality
Assurance Agency (QAA). The period was from June to September with the objective of producing in
English and Arabic a National Academic Reference Standard (NARS) for Law and Political Science. The
working group of academics from leading Syrian universities was effectively chaired by Dr Bizri in his
capacity as Academic Vice President and Quality Manager for the Syrian Virtual University, based in
the Ministry of Higher Education.
I was impressed by the depth of knowledge demonstrated by Dr Bizri of quality assurance in high
education and the environment of a university where they were managed. The subject matter of the
NARS was outside Dr Bizri's immediate expertise but he demonstrated a sound preparation and was
eager to stimulate and encourage the panel in his capacity as chairman. The panel was composed of
Syrian academics drawn from the discipline of Law and Political Science, whose training and
methodology were not of his tradition. As a result of his guidance the objective of the NARS was
completed to deadline and approved by UHES.
During the work on the NARS I was able to observe the work that Dr Bizri had achieved in the quality
assurance mechanisms for the Syrian Virtual University. As I had been involved in a review of the
UK's Open University provision for Law I drew very favourable comparisons for his strategies. I have
no hesitation in recommending Dr Bizri for any aspect of the quality assurance work that is now
undertaken in universities and higher education institutions.

Posted by Dr Salam Al-Bizri (International Collaboration Director), The Syrian Virtual University

Written testimonial:
My name is Salam Al-Bizri and I was the programme director of SVU HND (Edexcel BTEC Higher National Diploma) since it started in autumn 2003 until 2007. In autumn 2006 until December 2012 I was assigned the position of the programme director of the two-year BSs top-up collaborative programme between SVU and the University of Greenwich offered to SVU HND graduates. I’m currently a lecturer at Portsmouth University, UK
I have started working with Nidal when he joined SVU HND programme in October 2003 as a lecturer of Internet Studies. Nidal proved then to be a very active member of the academic staff at SVU, most of his work was delivering online lectures.
In 2007, in addition to his duties as a lecturer he was assigned the task of developing SVU quality system. He established SVU academic standards and QA procedures in compliance with internationally acknowledge academic standards, developed learning and teaching and implementation strategies and monitored their implementation. During the years 2009 when he became the SVU Vice President for Academic Affairs and until my resignation from SVU in December 2012, Nidal provided the crucial support I needed for my work and helped me in every possible way.
Nidal’s handling of day-to-day issues related to SVU students, Edexcel, University of Greenwich and SVU people showed his thorough and innovative approach to his work. Nidal has always been available to support colleagues and students.
Nidal utilizes his scholarly achievements and his long academic research in adding novelty to all the tasks he handles. I would recommend him highly to you for the position to which he has applied.

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