Websites, Designs, SEO & Marketing


I have over ten years experience as a web designer, developer, SEO and online marketing expert. Over the years I have delivered a range of web solutions for a variety of organisations.

I can provide outstanding web design and development services throughout the UK and I also work with a distributed team of professionals to ensure I can provide a comprehensive range of expertise.

I am proficient in a range of Internet technologies and the latest design software and techniques including eCommerce development, HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery, AJAX, MySQL, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and others. I strive to keep abreast of the latest Internet trends and upcoming technologies and techniques that are designed to improve our online experiences, most recently the introduction of HTML5, CSS3 and the Google Panda and Penguin updates.

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within United Kingdom.
Can telecommute.

Length of contract