Pam Vick

Experienced, expert marketing and business development consultant based in London, UK. Online and offline marketing, SEO and social media.

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Caspia is a marketing and business development consultancy specialising in B2B and online as well as offline marketing – we help companies big or small, in any sector, to profitably sell more of their products or services, to existing customers or to new ones. We also develop the marketing plans, tools and materials that they need to do this, both offline and online. So basically we help businesses plan their marketing strategy and then implement it. Specialities include social media, Adwords pay per click campaigns, email marketing, strategic and business plans, branding and advice for start ups.

I get results in terms of a return on your investment with me and can provide references for you to talk to who will vouch for that.

I offer a free 1 hour consultation for any company introduced through this website, giving them an experienced, professional view on their current marketing and business development plans. I charge £800 per day and if you think that’s a lot, ask any of my clients about the return they get on that investment and why they continue to use me. Most SME clients retain me for 1 day of my time per month and I deliver strong results for that investment which is why most of them have been working with me for 5 years or more. I work across all sectors and clients include online retailers, professional services, IT and software companies, charities, creative industry businesses, leisure and many more. My background is corporate and I spent 15 years at one of London's top ad agencies then was European Marketing Director for Hertz car rental across 9 countries followed by 3 years as global marketing director for, a major online success story in the online recruitment sector. I have been a consultant for over 12 years now.

The next time you ask yourself “How’s business?”, if you answer anything other than “Fantastic”, talk to me..

Plus ask “How much of our revenue comes from our website?”. If the answer is less than 20% talk to me again!


Posted by John Leyden (Director), Carbon Accountancy Limited

Written testimonial:
I have used Pam as a freelance marketing consultant for the last 4-5 years and have always had excellent results. Pam has always delivered on time and within budget - and moreover is careful to spent the budget only where she beleives the results will come through (and she is usually right!).

I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Posted by Mike Shaw (Co-Founder/Director), Lemon Tree Media

Written testimonial:
Pam has an amazing insight and knowledge of blue chip companies, how they work, the people they employ and also a vast list of very warm contacts from decision makers to chief exec level. This made her the perfect place to take a new project and get the best advice on how to move forward and who to go and see. Getting high level meetings without her was impossible, with her they became a regular occurrence.

Posted by Oliver Lockett (Partner), Igloo

Written testimonial:
We have worked on a number of projects with Pam, she is focused, knowledgeable and effective.

Posted by Jeff Windsor (Managing Director), Windsor Jennings Limited

Written testimonial:
I have known Pam Vick for about eight years and have worked with her on a number of occasions. I have always been extremely impressed by her broad understanding of marketing, both offline and online. I also know a number of other individuals/companies who have used her services, and continue to do so, on a regular basis. They rate Pam very highly. I should be happy to recommend Pam's services to anyone looking to strengthen their company marketing programme.

Jeff Windsor
Managing Director
Windsor Jennings Limited

Posted by Colette Weathersbee (Partner), Maddy's Jive Classes

Written testimonial:
Pam and her team have been great to work with since day one - enthusiastic, hard working and efficient. Pam gets the job done fast and with excellent attention to detail. She is energetic and is fun to work with, uplifting and inspirational - a fantastic addition to the team for any business.

Posted by Adam Neal (Managing Director), Stonehill Financial

Written testimonial:
I had engaged the services of Pam Vick at my previous business and had a strong base of experience of working with her. For the establishment of the new enterprise I involved Pam from the first day of planning. This has allowed me to utilise her skills and experience to shape the feel and brand of the business but to do so without feeling that I am having to take responsibility for every single decision - I am able to trust significant parts of the decision making process to her with the comfort of knowing that she fully understands the direction of travel that the business and I am on.

All this aside, it was her proven record of driving new customers to my business that first made me engage with Pam. Even when we were learning and experimenting there has not been a single quarter in 3 years where the return on capital (plus my own time at opportunity cost) has not broken into profit.


Made To Fit

Website design and build, copywriting, SEO, adwords pay per click, partnership marketing, business development, e-commerce, PR

skills used: Web Design, Creative Writing, SEO, Advertising, Public Relations, Consultancy, Market Research, Marketing

Lemon Tree Media

Business development, marketing and sales consultancy

skills used: Market Research, Marketing, Training, Consultancy, Content Writing, Management, Sales

Fortune Law

Pay per click adwords campaign, business development consultancy, PR, SEO, email marketing and newsletters, events, partnerships and associations

skills used: Marketing, Public Relations, SEO, Advertising, Branding, Consultancy, Content, Market Research

Carbon Accountancy Limited

Built website, all SEO, Pay-per-click campaign management, all PR, email marketing, social media and all other online and offline marketing

skills used: Public Relations, Content Writing, Consultancy, Web Design, SEO, Management, Marketing

The Marketing Society

Negotiated and set up all partnerships, designed site, wrote copy

skills used: Sales, Management, Marketing, E-Commerce, Content Writing, Advertising


Development of advertising campaign for range of telephone handsets

skills used: Sales, Management, Marketing, Content Writing, Advertising


Review of online recruitment marketplace

skills used: Sales, Management, Marketing, E-Commerce

British Airways

design and build of digital brochure

skills used: Sales, Management, Marketing, E-Commerce, Content Writing, Advertising


Search Engine Optimisation to get to top of Google listings for prime keywords without paying

skills used: Sales, E-Commerce, Content Writing


Development of website from start to finish, including briefing, copywriting, design and build

skills used: Management, Marketing, E-Commerce, Content Writing, Advertising

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