Alex Macfie

Database and XML transformation expert!


Database and XML transformation expert! I can scrape data from web sites and transform the data into any other format (HTML, XML, text, SQLdatabase) and/or put the data into a database format. I can also do database design and statistical analysis.

Skills and experience include data analysis, database administration, technical documentation, user support, systems administration, database development and web development. Gained an MSc (with Distinction) in Advanced IT Using Oracle at the University of Westminster, and almost completed a PhD specializing in database security at the same university. Additionally, working towards Oracle Certified Professional status in Database Administration. IT Skills Summary... Database: Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access; System Administration: Windows NT, Linux (Red Hat, SUSE); Programming: PL/SQL, Java, shell scripting, Perl, VBA, JavaScript, Prolog, Tcl/Tk; Excellent technical documentation


Stephen Montague

Created a Microsoft Access database application for recording cricket match results.

skills used: Access

Hays Travel Ltd

Designed a database for a pair of associated travel websites. Wrote SQL CREATE statements in MySQL syntax for creating database tables, including appropriate data types and relationships between tables. There are 13 tables in total (5 main).

skills used: Database, MySql

So choice! Pro Beauty

Wrote an XSLT script to data scraped a beauty careers web site for current job vacancies, and incorporate the script into the client's Wordpress environment.

skills used: XSLT, PHP, Wordpress


Corrected XSLT and AWK scripts for transforming cargo shipping data into XML from web sites and spreadsheets supplied by shipping companies.

skills used: XSLT, LINUX, PHP

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Within Kingston upon Thames.
Within Surrey.
Within United Kingdom.
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