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I run a full service boutique design studio located in Essex, England that specialises in branding, web design and illustration for a roster of worldwide clients. Our small team believes in making the world look more beautiful with clean and clear design.

We formed in 2014 in the hopes of offering clients an alternative to other design companies out there; giving a personal and bespoke service that goes above and beyond the standard offering. We take pride in operating with complete honesty, transparency and integrity, so we can build long standing relationships with our clients. To do so, we only deliver completely bespoke services and products that are tailored to your business, your clients and your goals. You won’t find any templates here.


Tell 'Em Steve-Dave

We were commissioned by Brian ‘Q’ Quinn of Comedy Central’s Impractical Jokers and Walter Flanagan and Bryan Johnson of AMC’s Comic Book Men to design and develop a website for their award-winning podcast. The podcast, produced by indie film legend Kevin Smith on his Smodcast network, has been running for seven years, accumulated thousands upon thousands of dedicated listeners, and yet had no web presence of its own. Key features that the clients requested for the site included ecommerce functionality, in order to sell never before released digital films and bonus podcasts, a membership system where fans can signup, receive a membership card and number and subscribe to the mailing list, and a fully designed, illustrated and functional fictional town map. This was a mammoth challenge, and one we loved tackling. We designed and illustrated a completely fictional town map for the landing page of the website, full of in-jokes and Easter Eggs for fans of the podcast. The map is zoomable, responsive, and interactive; certain elements (buildings, shops) link to other pages on the website. There is a clear and simple navigation bar for direct navigation, allowing us to leave the map unlabelled, in order for visitors to explore and discover new links and hidden features. There’s a gallery page incorporated into the site to allow fans of TESD to submit their themed images to the site using special hashtags. This has been great for both fan and customer interaction. One of two main goals for the site was to offer digital movies for sale, that customers can download to their personal PCs straight after purchase, something that the client hadn’t been able to offer before. With just three films for offer on launch, our client recuperated their website investment by 200% in the first 48 hours of the site being live. We integrated Google Analytics as standard to the site, and include monthly reports on both the site basics – visits, acquisition and content performance – and analysis on sales statistics. The other site goal was to capture email addresses of fans, by way of a Membership Club. Fans can enter their name, email and username, and will receive a designed email containing a membership card and unique number, now that they are part of the club. It’s a great way to increase interaction between the Podcast and their fans, and has further encouraged their social media interaction, with fans posting their membership numbers and homemade membership cards. The Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave website presented several new challenges to us. We had not previously worked on a website for a client with such a dedicated and passionate fanbase, who were so eager to give feedback and interaction; we also had never designed and illustrated a fictional map, nor developed them to be interactive and navigational before. It’s been a great opportunity to learn new development techniques and to have our work seen on such a wide scale; we’re thrilled with the positive and appreciative feedback we’ve received.

skills used: Wordpress, Web Design, CSS, Illustrator, Illustration, Html, E-Commerce, MySql, Graphic Design, Photoshop

Jenloupa Ltd

We recently worked with online furniture and home accessories boutique Jenloupa to design their full visual identity and website. The family-run business, founded in 2014, had begun to develop a steadily expanding online presence, but needed the powerful branding to step it up a gear. We wanted to design and develop a logo, branding guidelines and e-commerce website that showed their passion, creativity and quality, and allowed them to progress to the next step of their business goals. The driving force behind Jenloupa is their founder, Jen Day. We made her the centrepiece of the Jenloupa logo, complete with paint and brush in hand. We concentrated on using a muted palette of green, brown and pink tones, to match the vintage offerings of Jenloupa’s furniture ranges. For their website, we designed a clean, modern look using white space with touches of their new colours for extra division and clarity. Central to the design was concentration on clean, clear navigation and a great online shopping experience. We designed and developed the site on WordPress with enhanced content fully optimised for every media device, desktop through mobile. This allows customers to view products, purchase goods, find out about the company, and contact the business both at home and on the go. Our number one goal for the website was to concentrate on Jenloupa’s values of putting the customer first and foremost in their considerations. The enhanced accessibility and responsive design of the website gives the most inclusive and interactive user experience, allowing the high quality products and services on offer to take pride of place. We love working on a brand from logo right through to website design and development, as it both allows us a greater creativity across the work, and it enables us to gain a greater understanding of the branding and identity.

skills used: Wordpress, Web Design, Logo Design, Branding , CSS, Html, Illustration, CMS, MySql, Photoshop

Love Thy Burger

We recently worked with our favourite local burger restaurant Love Thy Burger to design and develop their website, menu and marketing materials. Key features the clients requested for the new site included a clean and modern design, mailing list sign up, and online ordering integration for their menu. The Love Thy Burger team take their burgers back to basics – simple, great tasting burgers at the highest quality. To continue this – we designed and developed a modern website that is visually stunning but only contains the basic information needed. Customers can view the menu, read the restaurant’s story, find directions to both branches, read reviews, and order online, all in a stripped down, simple interface that’s easy to use and navigate. The website is extremely user-friendly, responsive across all media and devices, and fast loading – which is essential for both user experience and website search engine ranking. The marketing materials and menu design allowed us to use our illustration specialities as well as our graphic design skills. We designed icons for each of the delicious offerings on sale, for a fully illustrated food menu complete with a separate drinks and children’s menu. We also designed and illustrated a series of posters to be displayed on A-Boards outside the shop, advertising their burgers, meal deals and promotions. We kept the colours clean, simple and inline with the Love Thy Burger branding, for extra visual impact.

skills used: Wordpress, Web Design, Illustrator, Illustration, Photoshop, Graphic Design, Html, CSS, MySql, CMS

The Food Company

We were thrilled to be asked by local business The Food Company to redesign the website for their fine food & grocery store and restaurant. The family run store is the destination for fine food and groceries in Essex, so we wanted to design and develop a site that showed this high quality and service they have to offer. Key features the clients requested for the new site included a clean and modern design, improved and more accessible navigation, and online booking functionality for their renowned restaurant. The company were founded in the year 2000, and their recognisable branding is something we incorporated into the website design. The bold colours and strong typography stand out and catch your eye, just like their products do. We made the most of their colourful offerings by photographing restaurant, store and counter goods to use at full screen sizes; so you can see just how good it really is. With all the bright colour, we tried to keep the content for the site stripped down and modern, for accessible navigation and fast loading. We worked on the site to add a refreshed and simplified look, complete with enhanced content fully optimised for every media device, desktop through mobile. This now allows customers to view the breakfast menu, purchase goods, obtain catering quotes, and make restaurant bookings on the go. We fully designed, photographed and developed the site, concentrating on The Food Company values of putting the customer first and foremost in their considerations. The enhanced accessibility and responsive design of the website gives the most inclusive and interactive user experience, allowing the high quality products and services on offer to take pride of place.

skills used: Web Design, Wordpress, Photography, PHP, CMS, Photoshop, SQL, Html, Graphic Design, E-Commerce

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