Christopher Abel

C#/ASP.NET Developer


Skills: SQLServer 2008, LinqToSql, LinqToEntities, Entity Framework 5, C#, ASP.NET (Web Froms & MVC 4), HTML, CSS, JQuery, AJAX, Visual Studio, Tortoise SVN.

As a Microsoft Certified Professional web developer I have experience in all areas of the web development lifecycle, from requirements analysis to product release and maintenance. Including database design, normalisation, implementation and data migration, working mostly with Microsoft SQLServer. Class design and information modelling using UML and Microsoft Visio. Implementation of a three-tier architecture, using LinqToSQL and LinqToEntities (Entity Framework), C#, ASP.NET and JQuery/JavaScript in Visual Studio. I also have experience implementing interactive user interfaces through AJAX client/server interaction using JQuery, and also interfacing with 3rd party external systems using SOAP APIs, Web Services, and ecommerce payment gateways.


Social Smiling

For social smiling I designed and implemented the data structure and interface using a SQLServer 2008, Entity Framework 5, and a 3-tiered application design. The back-office admin site provides functionality for uploading/resizing images and automatically generating thumbnail versions.

skills used: SQL Server, C#, .NET, ASP.Net, javascript , Photoshop, CSS, OO

Skiidy Gonzales

For Skiidy Gonzales I was solely responsible for the full design and implementation of their online ecommerce booking process, and back office management system. Including booking management, vehicle scheduling and payment gateway integration. Administration of a hosted server environment, IIS (Internet Information Services), and domain setup. Implementation of source control and release procedures.

skills used: SQL Server, SQL, C#, ASP.Net, Photoshop, javascript

Ski Park Pow

For Ski Park Pow I designed, implemented and hosted a bespoke e-commerce solution. This project included image manipulation programming using the .Net Drawing classes, uploading and storing image data into a SQLServer database, and automatically generating thumbnail and display versions of the images. The project also included multiple domain hosting (.fr & .com) under a single IIS application, to support different language versions of the site. The project supported multi-lingual, and fully translated site navigation and user generated SEO friendly URLs.

skills used: SQL Server, C#, .NET, ASP.Net

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