I'm a UK-based freelance artist specialising in anime/manga style illustration, character design and sequential art, with years of self-taught skills and experience. I've taken on many commissions with work published in various media including: professional publications such as Character Design by Chris Patmore, Manga Drawing Kit by Ilya-san, Cartoon Clinic by Ben Cormack, Manga Clipart by Hayden Scott-Baron, magazines (NEO, Windows 100%), small-press books (Anime & Electronics Shopping Guide to Tokyo, Sugardrops UK manga anthology by Sweatdrop Studios), promotional material for events and conventions (London Expo, Ayacon, Amecon, Ushicon), exhibitions (Cartoon Museum and IMAF 2004/2005), merchandise for and Otaku amongst various other things. Some of my past and current clients include: Quarto Publishing, Ilex Press, CHASE Animation, TokyoToys, Otaku News, Angelic Anime. If you'd like to see my artwork, check out my portfolio website at is a collaborative multimedia company owned by myself and my partner Rik Nicol. If you should be interested in commissioning me, please feel free to get in touch, I'll be looking forward to hearing from you!


Amecon 2004

I produced various pieces of CG artwork for the anime and manga convention called Amecon 2004 that was held on the 20th-22nd August in Leicester.
The work I volunteered to do includes a double-sided A5 flyer promoting the event, a set of 5 member badges each with a different artwork design and finally an illustration created specifically for the cover of the event's 'conbook'. All artwork created was my own original rendition of the Amecon mascot, Ame-chan.

skills used: Photoshop


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