Software engineer with last 8 years of experience to work with web technologies


Hello there. I am a software engineer who has enough knowledge to decide which feature may help you to grow up and technically how that should be build. My daily job is to develop, re-factor or improve back-end of web applications. I mostly use php for this. I also use related web technologies like html5, javascript, jquery, css3 for front-end.

I am working 8+ years with web technologies. I am familiar with frameworks like zend framework 1, symfony2, symfony3, cakephp2 etc. Basically, the good solution is more important than the knowledge of a framework. So, I alway try to keep my knowledge up-too-date about perfect solution and then its easy to learn anything new and do the job to make your vision successful.

Hope we can work together and that will be a great opportunity for both of us.

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