Costas Loizou

Costas Loizou


I have 9 years of experience in both web and database development. I enjoy working on PHP/MySQL solutions using popular PHP frameworks. I have three years of experience in creating web applications for European funded projects (two apps implemented so far, currently working on three more). My experience with Oracle database administration and database development on complex and high availability systems enables me to provide tailored solutions to match your business requirements.

I am ready to translate your business needs and requirements to a working product that you will love. Having worked as a freelancer for over four years, I know I love this kind of work, and I can manage myself through the tough culture of a contractor.

I have worked on database design and development on Oracle database for almost 10 years. I have Junior knowledge on MondgoDB.

My professional PHP/MySQL background began when I co-founded Webarts (back in 2008), a local business in Cyprus offering small to medium companies solutions using Joomla CMS. The need to provide complex solutions for various freelancing projects raised the need to use a framework. Among others, I have developed web applications using modern PHP frameworks (FuelPHP and Laravel) and been interacting with front end frameworks like jQuery, Bootstrap and Vue.


Eurosuccess Consulting

The aim of the Social Entrepreneurship Support Europe - SES EU project is to foster the employability by developing the competencies in the field of social entrepreneurship. I build the required web application using FuelPHP framework and using JS libraries for the front end.

skills used: PHP, MySql, javascript , jQuery

Eurosuccess Consulting

The main aim of the project EU Youth: From theory to action - Act Youth EU is to foster the employability and innovative potential of young people/students and graduates, by upgrading and developing their competencies for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial attitudes and other traversal competencies necessary for successfully entering the labor market. The main aim of the web app is to ensure identification and diagnosis of the competencies of students/graduates by the ICT tool. I build the required web application using FuelPHP/MySQL.

skills used: PHP, MySql, javascript

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