Dan Winchester

Freelancers.net co-founder


I co-founded Freelancers.net. Please note that I am not actually available to freelance! This profile is just in place so that I can check everything is working ok.


Labworks Ltd


This online guide to loans is the first site I have designed with a larger font size in order to be accessible to a wider range of users. Often larger fonts can look amateurish, so the challenge was to get a professional look in keeping with a loans website.

skills used: PHP, HTML, Photoshop

Labworks Ltd


I designed this insurance portal to be search engine friendly, as well as looking good enough to attract advertisers.

skills used: PHP, MySql, HTML, Photoshop

Ecommerce Group Ltd


Full build responsibilty for this database-driven tourist site. Features include a MySQL database backend, with search results based on proximity to a given location. Part-postcode searches perform a calculation based on 1.6 million records - but check out the speed! Designed to be as intuitive as possible.

skills used: Perl, Database, HTML, Photoshop

Labworks Ltd


UK online shopping directory.

I was responsible for the full build - design and development using a MySQL backend and Perl DBI. The site includes an online management system.

skills used: Perl, Database, PHP, MySql, HTML, Photoshop

Labworks Ltd


I built this hotel booking site using PHP and MySQL. It is designed to be more search engine friendly than user friendly!

skills used: PHP, MySql, HTML, Photoshop



I am solely responsible for the design of this site, and have major involvement in coding the backend, including CGI scripting and MySQL. I came up with the initial idea, wrote the copy, and do the marketing for the site.

skills used: Perl, Database, PHP, HTML, Photoshop

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Within Reading.
Within South Central.
Can telecommute.

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