David Dressler


PUBLISHED WRITER in health, medicine (mainstream and alternative), dance, investigative journalism. (The Medical Post, Chronicle of Skin and Allergy, Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, BC Massage Practitioner Journal, Coast News, Health Care News, Victorian, Vancouver Sun, Popular Electronics, Astounding Science Fiction, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Dance Central, Kinesiology for the Dance.)

EDITOR of online copy, ads, brochures, business and government documents, novels, speeches, PhD and MA theses undergraduate papers.

COPYWRITER trained by American Writers and Artists Association (AWAI). Writes web copy, email, and other advertising copy that "speaks" in the business' "voice" to its ideal customers, providing solutions to their problems. Words that sell.

RESEARCHER for health and medical subjects online.

INTERVIEWER Over 10,000 in-person interviews in clinical practice, communication skills and coaching ability primarily in the health care field.

RADIO ANNOUNCER for KBYR-FM, Anchorage and KRRC-FM, Portland, former actor and pioneer modern dancer in Canada.

TEACHER of Medical English and ESL at Sprott-Shaw Language School in Vancouver, BC (Canada), and all grades in the public school system. Developer of own curriculum for an advanced massage therapy technique, taught to the profession for Continuing Education Credits.


Health Bulletins

I write regular health-oriented articles and send them by email to patients and acquaintances. The subjects range from exercise to anti-aging, weight loss to preventing cognitive decline. I reported up-to-the-minute news of the Japanese nuclear melt-down, providing information on where to get supplements that might protect against cellular damage and would chelate dangerous radioactive iodine. I reported when the nuclear debris reached our shores. Some of my articles have been published by the Health Action Network Society (British Columbia, Canada based consumer health advocate non-profit society.)

skills used: Writing, Journalism, Editing

Gym Equipment Manufacturer

I copy edited a manufacturer's online advertizement for novel gym equipment. The company made $75,000US from that ad in the next few weeks.

skills used: Editing

Monday Magazine

I wrote an investigative journalism documentary exposing a plan by a medical association to eliminate alternative medical practitioners from our government medicare system. I did research over a period of sixteen years, spent six months writing the documentary, including going under cover. A major issue was the safety and efficacy, not of alternative medicine, but of conventional medicine. I spoke personally with the "father" of evidence-based medicine and double-verified his testimony with medical research from several countries. The scary conclusion was that conventional medicine is "only 10-15% proven to do more harm than good", to quote my prestigious interviewee. That meant 85% of what medicine does is of unknown safety and efficacy! I published my findings in Monday Magazine in Victoria, BC (Canada) and in a professional alternative medical journal. I challenged the medical association to a debate on radio but they declined.

skills used: Writing, Content Writing, Editing, Journalism

J. Alternative and Complementary Med.

I designed and executed the only double-blind study of an original massage therapy technique ever done, to my knowledge, publishing the results internationally in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (April 1990). Statistical analysis was performed by head of the University of Victoria (BC, Canada) statistics department. This technique represented a break-through in the field, and doing a double-blind study had never been possible before. It involved culling over 200 participants, finding "blind" testers (chiropractor and physical therapist), gaining cooperation of the University, writing the article, finding a venue to publish it in the end, and being asked to speak publicly at two seminars on the topic.

skills used: Content Writing, Proofreading, Training, Editing, Technical writing, Journalism, Testing, Project Management


NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) asked me to write a eulogy to fallen Challenger astronauts, to be read to their families. I did so. I have no idea as to why I of all people was asked, but it remains a great honor in my mind and, I hope, brought some peace in the minds and hearts of my readers. The eulogy was published in the Vancouver (BC, Canada) Sun newspaper.

skills used: Creative Writing, Editing, Proofreading

The Victorian

I was the newspaper dance reviewer for several years in Victoria, BC. I attended performances, interviewed choreographers and dancers, and wrote descriptions of the performances. I tried to translate my visual perception of movement into verbal description so the readers might actually feel like moving when they read my words. Dance-into-words. And it worked.

skills used: Creative Writing, Public Relations, Editing, Proofreading, Networking

The Medical Post

Article on the emergence of alternative medicine within the health care system in Canada.

skills used: MS Word, Editing, Public Relations, Journalism, Typing, Editing, Proofreading, Writing

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