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Diggaditch Responsive Design - We get that the web is like a foreign land to you. You need someone who can read all the signs and point you in the right direction, web visitors base their judgement to do business on their first impression of your website if they have had no prior interactions with you, people can determine which sites they engage with based entirely on the design, content and structure of the site. A vast experience of web design and development and a number of websites currently published demonstrating capabilities and understanding of IT and e-commerce solutions for the internet. Latest published work September 2015


Posted by Clarence Hartley (CEO ), Clarences of Sussex

Written testimonial:
Mitchell designed and developed our website to specification just over a year ago, he was reliable, creative and a massive help in general, he created both Twitter and Facebook accounts and got them linked up with the website I have now a healthy online presence and we get requests via the website and twitter regularly, Mitchell is excellent at his work and I would recommend him most definitely.

Posted by Florence Parkes (CEO ), Superbuys

Written testimonial:
Mitchell designed an EPOS system, and created an online presence for my hardware business, a website, shopping cart and a drop shipping solution, this was over ten years ago and his work was quite brilliant, I would thoroughly recommend Mitchell, he is meticulous, creative and always delivers!

Posted by Steve Tully (Author), Steve Tully

Written testimonial:
I was in need of a website to coincide with a middle page spread about me in "The Sun" last week publicising my new book, I contacted Mitchell on the Friday afternoon he said he could help me 24 hours later he published considering I gave him very little material to work with I could not believe my eyes with what he produced for me, and it payed divedends with the newspaper article, my new website was printed across the bottom of the story, I cant thank him enough, and I would very much recommend him!



I done everything on this site research, sourcing materials, images, content, back end shopping cart construction, this project is hosted on Adobe Business Catalyst Server.

skills used:

Clarences of Sussex (Antiques)

Web design and development, social media networking SEO and Email Marketing, SMS Marketing

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TMS Recycling (Waste)

Design, development and publishing of website, social media ( (Facebook )

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Steve Tully (Author)

Design, Development and Publishing of website, social media networking, SEO and search engine inclusion and promotion.

skills used: Dreamweaver

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