Sam Turner

Designing and developing websites for 20 years


I'm Sam, a Freelance Web Designer & Developer and I have been making things appear on screens for 20 years.

The short answer to the question "what do you do?" is I make websites and provide general digital knowhow to small businesses and individuals.

Based in West Sussex (between Chichester and Bognor Regis) I provide web design and development services to the local area and across the UK.

Front-end, using WordPress and Jekyll when a CMS is required, though I have also used Kirby. A big fan of making sure performance, accessibility and security issues are not a last minute consideration.

Whilst the large majority of what I do is making websites. My nerdy skills also extend to the creation of mobile apps, web apps, interactive touchscreens. As well as video and motion-graphics for a range of needs including broadcast and in-store point of sale.

I'm also really interested in home automation and IoT (using openHAB, MQTT and AWS). Voice control using the Amazon Echo is high on my radar and I have developed several custom Alexa Skills that I use for tasks around the house. If you have an idea for an Alexa Skill I would be very interested in discussing this.

I am a problem solver and my approach is all about "working with" a client, helping them make the most of out the complex and confusing world of digital with whatever the budget available. Rather than simply "working for" a client, delivering something that might be what they asked for, but isn't really what they needed.

Friendly and approachable, I am passionate about all things "internet" and love doing what I do, trying to make the internet that little bit better for everyone :)


Imperial War Museum

Under the direction of creative agency Newangle. The application was designed and developed as part of a new exhibition for the Imperial War Museum about family life in London during the Second World War. It is currently running on three large touchscreens as part a permanent exhibition in the museum.

skills used: Adobe After Effects, Flash, Photoshop, Actionscript, Graphic Design

Deluxe Catering, Private Jet Caterers

Design and development of a new WordPress site for an established private jet catering company. Showcasing the client’s range of services, the site also included extensive menus and online ordering (using WooCommerce).

skills used: Photoshop, PHP, Wordpress, Web Design, PHP, E-Commerce

Balham Nursery School - Wandsworth CC

I often work with graphic designers who require some digital work as part of a bigger project they are working on. Visit the url to see a little case study that shows how graphic designer Kieli Bibbings and myself worked together to give Balham Nursery School and Children’s Centre a shiny new website that’s easy to maintain.

skills used: CSS, javascript , jQuery, Content, Web Design, PHP, Security

Anne Frank, Digital Edition

As Art Director I was involved throughout the project, I delivered concepts, designs, 3D, textures, icons, video and all things visual. With access to such a rich collection of content, including the diary itself. It was a great opportunity to work on something so important. Using After Effects and Cinema4D I created videos to visualise how the cameras and lighting should be used and to define the timings of the animations. The clips were then used to communicate to the stakeholders how the app would look and function. The development team would also use for reference when building the app in Unity3D. The App was featured on the App store and became the top selling educational App.

skills used: 3D animation, Adobe After Effects, Video, Graphic Design

Really Creative Media

Design and development of a WordPress site for digital and live production specialist Really Creative Media.

skills used: Html, Wordpress, Web Design, Video, Apache, PHP

Rebel Legend - Sports shoe by hummel

Campaign sites and video work for the Rebel Legend handball shoe by hummel.

skills used: Html, Flash, Web Design, Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, CSS, Project Management - Global site design

Previously each country that sold hummel products would have set up a website for their market independently of each other. Whilst there was continuity in the brand, each site would look very different. This project was to bring together markets so rather that having different site designs using different domains, they would all sit under Working with hummel's art director I designed the look and feel for The design was then rolled out to each country based on their needs (products vary with each country) and the project was a success.

skills used: Web Design, Adobe After Effects, Video, Photoshop

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