Zhihua Lai

Software Engineer

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Zhihua joined Sheffield University at Oct, 2013 as a Marie Curie Experienced Researcher. He obtained his PhD at wireless propagation modelling at University of Bedfordshire in 2010 when he was aged 25. Later 2010, he joined Ranplan Wireless Network Design Ltd as a Senior Research Fellow and became the Head of Radio Propagation Team in 2013. He is now also the R & D Manager in Ranplan.

Zhihua has an extensive research and engineering experience on Wireless Radio Propagation Modelling. He has spent over 5 years developing a cutting-edge propagation engine which is superior and well known in both academia and industry. The propagation prediction has been pushed to its limit by Ranplan Radiowave Propagation Simulator (RRPS).

During his spare time, Zhihua writes technical articles on http://HelloACM.com. He is also the owner of the http://CodingForSpeed.com. Zhihua has published over 20 papers in conferences and well-known journals.

His publication can be found at http://www.zhihua-lai.com/?do=Profile.Publication

Zhihua is a ACMer. He writes highly-optimized code (which uses less memory and executes faster). e.g. for Problem 1532 on ACM timus Online Judge, his submission ranks the second. The maximum time allowed is 4 seconds but his algorithm executes in 0.312 seconds. Rankings: http://acm.timus.ru/rating.aspx?space=1&num=1532&count=100

Zhihua is the page admin at C/C++ Programming Language (more than 350K likes, growing rapidly) at https://www.facebook.com/cpptovlee and the page creator at ACMer: https://www.facebook.com/ACMer2013 (Likes are growing!)

Zhihua also owns another technical site (that has a very good page rank & alexa rank): http://rot47.net


Ranplan Wireless Network Design Ltd


2G/3G/4G Indoor and Outdoor Radio Network Planning and Optimisation, DAS/WLAN/Femtocell System Design. Develop more than 300 thousands lines of code and 1500 APIs (excluding comment and empty lines, which consists of mixed Pascal, C++, Assembly and VB/JScript) for the state-of-the-art wireless propagation tools/engines. Develop the 64-bit simulation engine and maintain the tools. Research, develop and maintain highly-efficient wireless radiowave propagation models using Delphi, C++ and Win32 Assembly. Research, bug-fixes and develelopment for an indoor wireless planning tool using C#. Develop and maintain web-based licensing software using PHP + MySQL.

skills used: C++, PHP, SQL, javascript , Delphi

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