Mark Lansbury

Sound design, soundscapes - theatre, exhibits, TV, radio, theme parks.



While the audience will rarely notice good sound design, they will always notice when it's poor.

This is a challenge for some theatres, schools, community theatre and amateur productions with limited budgets, unable to hire sound designers.

Nothing can properly replace professionally created sound cues and/or soundscapes in a production. A fine production should not suffer with mediocre sound due to finances. GP PixelWorks will provide a professional sound design for your theatre production with our unique "E-Sound Design Service." []


Trailer: 'Off Hollywood & Vine'

Cut trailer of a dramatic, popular, festival short film. The story of Travis, a teenage runaway living on the streets of Los Angeles and hustling for a living. Life for Travis is unbearably hard, and on a desperate night he decides to end it for good.

skills used: Editing, Other

Free Battered Women Conference

Opening section of the Free Battered Women conference in Oct 2003. Balance of project documents the day's events. NOTE: I had no responsibility for audio; it was recorded well before I was involved with the project with a room mike. (QuickTime runtime apx: 1:01, 3.4megs.)

skills used: Editing, Other

Theater Video: Saddleback College

This play required back projected images during Ann's voice over. This is the opening sequence of "The Diary of Ann Frank" Act 1. Note: The pacing for theater is slower than most TV or film; especially with this production. QuickTime runtime apx: 2:50, 5.2megs.

skills used: Editing, DVD Authoring, Sound Forge, Other

Trailer - Short

Trailer cut from a 20 minute short, dramatic film, "The Gift" shot in the UK.(2.7 megs; QuickTime format)

skills used: Editing, Other

TV Movie

Scene from detective made for TV movie. (2.6 megs; QuickTime format)

skills used: Editing, Other

B-roll for Promotional Short - TV

Camera operator (B-roll footage) for documentary short "Education Ocean Style" featuring the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, CA. Winner Saddleback Film Festival 2003 "Best Informational". Run time 1:40 (edited down from 12 minutes). QuickTime 3.2megs

skills used: Video Production, Other

Radio Spot (

Wrote, produced and edited 60 spot promoting Saddleback College's 'FasTrack' program. Use of four (4) voice over artists and sound effects to create a funny, effective radio spot. (484k, mp3)

skills used: Advertising, Content Writing, Editing, Other, Sound Forge

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