Larry Smith

Freelance Web & Graphic designer with 10+ years experience


I have been a freelance Graphic and Web Designer for the last decade following my graduation from the Arts Institute at Bournemouth. I began making websites and designing merchandise and flyers for local bands and promoters. Ever since I have been designing, building and developing sites for a wide variety of clients including Therapists, Authors, Literary Agencies, Hotels, Artists, Musicians, Jewellers and more. Over the last couple of years I have gained international clients from Morocco, France, Greece and Norway as well as my existing client base in the UK.

In addition to web design I have a strong graphics background and have worked on projects including logo design, corporate branding, icon sets, stationary, P.O.S and brochures.

I'd be very interested to hear from you if you need assistance with your project.


Posted by Lesley Chiles (Counsellor and Psychotherapist), Lesley Chiles Counselling and Psychotherapy

Written testimonial:
Larry combines artistic, creative and intuitive flair with state of the art technical knowledge and skills. He has the ability to design for the customer’s individual requirements and the personal skills to liaise in a welcoming and responsive manner.
I am absolutely delighted with his current interpretation and upkeep of my website.

Posted by Pippa McCarthy (Assistant), AM Heath

Written testimonial:
Larry built our website for us from scratch (in fact, he's been in charge of a couple of different versions of our website over the years), and we're all extremely pleased with it. He also manages any website updates for us, and helps us with questions about the website from external users. Larry always gets things done quickly and with a great eye for what we've asked for, and is always cheerful and professional - lovely to work with.

Posted by valentine franc (designer), &

Written testimonial:
Larry has created our two websites, both are online business, but totally different. He also manage updates, changes whenever we need them (usually during Christmas or week-ends).
He is creative, professional, reliable and super nice, so I can only recommend working with him.

Posted by Ivan Mulcahy (Company Director/ Literary Agent), Mulcahy Associates Ltd, Literary Agency

Written testimonial:
Larry Smith developed our website as well as its predecessors. I recommend him without hesitation and with great enthusiasm. I have in fact recommended him before to three other people, who became clients and they were all very satisfied with the results. He is expert in understanding what technology can deliver but also possesses the much rarer gift of being able to listen to what the client actually wants and bend the technology to deliver that result. He is reliable, hardworking, honest and fair. A pleasure to do business with, in fact.


El Fenn

Complete redesign and build of a new site to better suit the client's product. Based in Marrakech the Riad is vast and beautiful. We wanted to include much more high quality photography than their previous site. It is fully responsive and has led to a 50% increase in business for the client.

skills used: Html, Graphic Design, Web Design

Mulcahy Associates

Design and build a website for a successful London based Author Agency. The site is run on a bespoke CMS built with the CodeIgniter Framework and is fully managed by the client. Their site was to reflect their recent office move into the heart of Soho and add more character than their competitors sites.

skills used: Html, MySql, Web Design, Graphic Design

Beldi Country Club

This huge country club is renowned in Marrakech as being a tranquil haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I completely rebuilt the site in order to better portray the facilities and various public spaces. It is fully responsive and has led to a huge increase in online traffic. The site is available in both English and French.

skills used: Html, PHP, CSS, jQuery, Graphic Design, Photoshop, Web Design

Jonathan Conway Literary Agency

This site is run on a completely bespoke CMS, built from the ground up to suit the client's needs. It degrades nicely onto tablets and mobile devices. As well as the website, I also worked on the branding and logo design in order to provide a complete set of business stationery.

skills used: Html, CSS, PHP, CMS, Graphic Design, Branding , Web Design

Valentine Tags

Designed and built an online catalogue/shop for a trendy jewellery maker. The site is run on a custom CMS where the client is in charge of altering items and various costs including shipping. Paypal integrated with online purchasing.

skills used: Html, MySql, Database, Web Design, Graphic Design


Redesign of a big London based Author Agency. Their previous database was cleaned up and a new bespoke CMS was built to run the site which is fully managed by them.

skills used: Html, MySql, Database, Photoshop, Web Design, Graphic Design

Lesley Chiles

A simple but stylish single page design for a local therapist. The client wanted a more graphical approach to an otherwise visually dull subject. Since it's launch the client's bookings have increased threefold.

skills used: Html, Web Design, Graphic Design, Photoshop

Park Mill Farm

Complete redesign and build of their website. Creation of new artwork and icons for use on the site. The site's layout is fully responsive. The site also includes and online shop and booking system.

skills used: Html, Web Design, Graphics, Illustration

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