Over 10 years of experience in the field of web design & development, Graphics and multimedia programming with expertise level of experience in Search Engine Promotion , Fireworks, Dreamweaver, PHP, MySQL, e-commerce development, paymane gateway integration.


Dreamzsop Advertising Private Limited

Since 2001, Dreamzsop has delivered trusted web development, web hosting services to thousands of customers in the India, USA, UK and in more than 20 countries around the world. At Dreamzsop, work is not about keeping deadlines and completing projects alone. Work here is to understand the needs of the client and create new avenues that satisfy them. Interaction is the very foundation on which the edifice of successful web application is built. The client's requirement, his ideas, his problems, the consumer's needs, his limitations and finally our solutions, all have to be a homogeneous mixture. Only then can an interactive Website be successful. We as a team are composed of professionals who have a flair for understanding the client and envisioning ideas that would suit the requirement best. Each project is a new journey into the realm of greater knowledge through an in-depth research of the concept, the technology and above all the service that is to be provided. A detailed analysis ensures that we can decide on the best possible strategy to successfully present the client. The critical aspects of technology, brand communication and optimum usage of the media are handled expertly by the team to ensure the maximum results. Our strategic approach enables us to provide you with interactive solutions for your brand, which not only achieve your brand objectives but work seamlessly with all other offline marketing efforts. Founded on 1 April 2001, a date many consider to be the nadir of the software industry meltdown, Dreamzsop started out with the singular vision of providing web development services of any complexity to clients worldwide. And while there has been a definite worldwide economic recession during the year 2001 and 2002, our initial belief that there would always be a demand for value-adding services has turned to conviction in the past couple of years. We have registered our firm as Dreamzsop Advertising Private Limited on 2nd of Feb 2005. On the technology sophistication front, while the company started off by offering only web-based services, its current focus is on systems integration across various platforms. The company has a strong presence in the field of web application development, search engine promotion and optimization. Infact, website designed by Dreamzsop enjoys top most ranking in top search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing & others. Most of our customers have successfully improved their search engine ranking which in turn has provided them with host of new business opportunities. Weâre clear about this: When you succeed, so does Dreamzsop.

skills used: Fireworks, Dreamweaver, E-Commerce, Dhtml, Html, Javascript, MySql, PHP, SEO, Adwords

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