Emily Garner

Highly skilled for web and app development. Strong exposure working on numerous web and mobile app development projects. I am result oriented and majorly focus on customer's requirements.


Web development -
Ecommerce is domain competency and I have worked on multiple Magento Multishop/Multivendor system.
I have built and customised wordpress plugins and joomla extensions, thus followed their coding standards.
Also have exposure of working on Yii Framework, Typo3 CMS and Ruby on Rails projects.
Have executed Custom PHP Web Application Development, featured with Open Source CMS/CRM/ERP Solutions.
Mobile application-
Core competency in developing iOs and Android apps.
Have strong exposure to working with publishing houses and educational domain and apart from programming can provide other support like converting digital books, elearning etc.


Posted by Noah Gill, Hi Tech Technologies

Written testimonial:
Emily Garner knows hers job very well. She helped me on few challenging projects and their attention to detail is remarkable. Another big asset is her flexibility that helped us meet our deadlines. A stringent quality processes were followed that ensures best quality software is delivered on time.

Posted by Samuel Fletcher (Chief Information Officer), MK advertisement

Written testimonial:
Emily has graciously and professionally satisfied my specific artistic and technical needs. She has respectful of deadlines and important to me was the excellent quality of phone & e-mail communication. She has an excellent understanding for requirements and I plan to maintain this relationship for long term maintenance.

Posted by Sophie Horsburgh (Assistant Manager), Integrated Technologies

Written testimonial:
Emily Garner is excellent at php , Webdesign , and WordPress Plugin Builds. She is with great people and listen to your requirements and do not falter. Don't use anyone else but her for development work.


Casey Sullivan


Boookafy is a scheduling service which provides online appointment scheduling for a client, it is built in ruby on rails platform so it is very robust, scalable and flexible. It’s built to work with SAAS (Software as a Service) so we can create multiple instances of the app for multiple clients or else deploy it directly on client site. The website contains three roles - client, bookafy, and customer. A client can use this service to get appointments for the service they provide, ability to see daily calendar and appointment, authentication system with forget password, email conformation functionality and account status, also collect payment through mobile using mercury API. Mobile compatible, report, dashboard available to view track each user’s activity and high level view of the system. Customers can book appointment and then the staff member and customer will get email for the appointment. Client has to pay XYZ $ for unlimited account access for staff members, team leaders. Client will send the offers or services to the customer, once customer will approve for the offer or service then only scheduling will be done and bookafy get commission for that.

skills used: javascript , Ruby on Rails, Html

Jean-Philippe keundjian


Akane-skincare is an ecommerce website for showcasing and selling organic skincare and cosmetics. The site uses best usability principles and designed with simplicity and clear look. Built on Prestashop platform we also integrated WordPress as a blogging platform with the main Prestashop site. With one page checkout the site allows users to buy with ease. Lot of features has been added to the site by customizing add-ons for example. Social networking sites integration Shipping methods Customer reviews and verified users Additional security via https Coupons and loyalty programs Videos integration

skills used: PHP, jQuery, Wordpress, Html

Jacob M


Parcel pickup website only available for UK reason, Local Parcel pickup agent takes delivery of internet shopping for user. Customers could just pick up their deliveries from someone who would always be in, and from a convenient place, say on the way home from work. For this website ASP.NET framework is used. As in this website user need to search or find postcode/ town/ city and view the agents list over the google map. It is an ideal server-side scripting technology that is why code runs on the windows server before displaying on the web browser. It immediately gives an alert for any memory leaks, unbounded loops and other illegal behaviors. It instantly kills those behaviors and restart automatically.

skills used: javascript , XHTML, ASP.Net



100%respect campaign is a comprehensive social and emotional leaning program. The aims to help all members of a school community – students, teachers, school leaders and all school support staff to treat each other with respect. This is Informative site built with Joomla CMS (content management system). It is software that keeps track of every piece of content on your Web site. Admin can manage the static pages information through this tool. A major advantage of using Joomla CMS is that it requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage, so admin will easily manage the contents of website. 100%respect designed in HTML 5, it presenting some amazing features, outlooks, animations, and plugins. It makes website more attractive, simple and clear to look.

skills used: jQuery, Joomla, PHP, Html