Jamie Bradley

Front End Developer

TS16 0LX
United Kingdom


My name is Jamie Bradley. I am a Front End Developer from the North East of England and the owner of Endeavour Digital Limited. I have a number of years commercial experience in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, along with CSS/JS frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation, React and NodeJs. Throughout my career I have worked on a wide range of projects from complex Javascript applications to building static websites based on Photoshop designs that were provided by in house designers.

As previously mentioned, I have worked with a lot of popular UI and Javascript frameworks and have the ability to pick up and adapt to new frameworks very quickly. If you are looking for a reliable, fast paced developer who can pick up work with little hassle then please contact me and see how I can help you today.


Endeavour Digital Limited


This is my company's website. It is a fully responsive static website which was built through a static site generator that I developed with the use of the JS build tool, 'Gulp'. The website was built with the use of a popular UI Framework called Foundation. As part of the static site generator tool that I developed, I can create articles for the website via the command line and use a helper built into Foundation's templating language to convert markdown content into HTML.

skills used: Html, Jquery, javascript , CSS, Web Design



I previously worked for a company called Increment By One Ltd. The company were approached by Dock9 to build the static HTML templates for the company website rebuild to mark their 9th anniversary in business. I built all of the html, css (including animations) and javascript that is used within these templates. The templates were handed back to Dock9 to convert into Sitefinity Templates.

skills used: CSS, javascript , Html, jQuery

Clicksco - Indulgent Dubai


I worked for Clicksco as a front end developer and was assigned to the Indulgent Dubai project to work on the NodeJs MVC application that drives this website. This work involved a lot of Javascript and NodeJS development, as well as a large amount of UI work that involved converting Photoshop Designs into NodeJS views. The team developed the website with the use of an internal UI framework and I was responsible for not only overseeing the Front End build of this site, but I also had a vast amount of input to the build.

skills used: javascript , Html, CSS, Web Design, Photoshop, jQuery

Billingham Press Limited


I was approached by a local business called Billingham Press to re design and re build their website. I worked very closely with the Billingham Press team to ensure all requirements were met and the contents of the website were as expected. This website was also built using Zurb's UI Framework 'Foundation' which allowed us to provide a solid structure to the UI and focus on the key requirement, to improve the User Experience. The new website also boasts an improved Quotation feature which allows customers to raise quotations with BPL's sales team quickly and easily via the website.

skills used: Html, PHP, CSS, Web Design, javascript , jQuery

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