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Moving from a background in forensic computing, web development and telecommunications I began Faelain - a family run business in 2013. Offering consultancy to small to medium sized businesses up and down the South West region. Our main focuses are: Business Communications, Graphic Design and Web Development (Including Hosting / SEO / Content management websites for Joomla 2.5 / 3.x)


Posted by Anthony Victor (Operations Manager), Traditional Chinese Fitness

Written testimonial:
Kane Whelan is of high repute, having recently completed a website for our charity www.traditionalchinesefitness.co.uk we can assure that his skills exceed every aspect of web development and surrounding areas. We received fast progress, great communication with regular prompts for our own creative in-put. After consultation ideas are were speedily action-ed. Kane ensured our understanding every step throughout this development, we were always informed.

It's very apparent that Kane is passionate about his work combined with a relentless attitude to completing each task quickly and efficiently. If you want passion and experience reflected in your website, Kane Whelan is the developer for you.
We couldn't recommend him enough. This project was the smoothest web development we have ever experienced. On completion of our project we were guided through the back end of the website and left with a user guide specific to the functioning our new website enabling us to further study the facilities available. Everything is now up and running just fine, it's comforting to know that Kane is just a phone away if further support is needed.


Happy Days Disco


This client wanted a clean cut website which provided information to their customers without going overboard. Clear factual information, a calendar to display availablity and a contact form for obvious reasons. With a large portion of internet users using 'on the go' devices such as smart phones or tablets, we created this website to fit on a range of media to better reach potential customers. Training and user guides were provides upon completion.

skills used: Html, CSS, Joomla, SEO, Graphic Design, Security



2013 Cath is a Personal Trainer based in Gloucestershire offering Pilates, Yoga, Kettle Bells and a variety of other services in her classes. Cath originally had a 3 minute build your own website scheme which was great for when she started out. Unfortunately due to the restrictions she had on accessing the backend code it was impossible for her to update the design for the previous website. I offered my services and created a bespoke website based on her requirements which enabled Cath to have multiple navigational menu items without it causing functionality issues to the website.

skills used: Html, Web Design, Joomla, SEO, Graphic Design

Traditional Chinese Fitness


2014 TCF is a Charity based in London, they provide their community with Chinese Fitness in the form of Lishi. They are a non-profit organisation who were looking for a freelance web developer early 2014 to not only recreate their website but also increase their search engine optimization which would subsequently enable them to encourage more individuals of all ages to attend classes and bring their community together. Previously a Wordpress site, I switched the CMS to Joomla and created a bespoke design according to their needs. Training the key volunteers on how to use the content management backend and assisting with support queries where applicable.

skills used: Joomla, Html, Graphic Design, SEO, Web Design, Training

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