Farcas Claudiu


Accounting software (ContaNET20) development and maintenance - a book-keeping software for double parties accountancy (.NET 20, MS SQL 2005); Planning the database structure and the application architecture of a legislation software (JuriDex); DotNetNuke module development and maintenance (found on www.friendsoftware.ro): SimpleTabModules – a module for more DNN modules simultaneous display on one panel, with more than 1500 downloads; ImportPhpBBForum – a module for phpBB forum import onto the DNN native forum; Alugen3NET dnn3x – a module for ActiveLock clients and protected products software keys management. Development and maintenance of parts of the OpenSource software protection software - ActiveLock – www.activelocksoftware.com as well as a contribution in the administrative activities for this OpenSource Group site management; Realization of SolarChargeRegulator project for external client – communication in chip serial interface configuration software; Realization of HospitalAmbulatory project for external client – a software for the banner type display of information in a hospital ambulatory; Realization of cards reader/writer project for external client – a software for electronic cards management and serial interface reading/writing; Realization and maintenance of “BonFiscal” software for interfacing financial administration software with more types of cash registers; Realization and improvement of AutoEmailer software – an utility software for the automatisation of information regular email transmission, at certain periods of time; Maintenance of economic management software package Neomanager 4 and Neomanager 7 through realization and optimization of interrogations and command reports; Phone and online assistance for Neomanager 4 and Neomanager 7 clients. Active participation, with presentations, inside RONUA Iasi Group (affiliated INETA).





skills used: VBA Access, VBScript, Html, ASP.Net, SQL Server 2000, C#, VB.Net, VB, Database, MySql

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within IASI.
Within Romania.
Would temporarily relocate.
Would permanently relocate.
Can telecommute.

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