Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson / FIZIX


I'm Richard Wilson, a freelance developer from England with over 10 years experience developing Websites, Web Applications, RIA's and lately Smartphone Applications. I also run a small studio, under the name "FIZIX Studios" where I work with a small static team on larger scale projects.

Skills Include:
- PHP (object orientated and procedural)
- MVC design patterns
- Flash / Flex
- ActionScript 3
- Adobe AIR
- mySQL, postgreSQL and Oracle databases
- iOS and Android smartphone/tablet apps (native and over AIR)
- Design (photoshop, illustrator)
- 3D Studio Max (modeling and motion capture rigging/animation)
- Unity (C#) for mobile and games
- CodeIgniter, ExpressionEngine, Magento, Wordpress (development and skinning)


Aston University - Biofuel

FIZIX worked with Aston University to produce a new learning application for students and the agricultural industry. The applications purpose is to model investment, return and risk for the on-site implementation of green energy solutions, namely bio-fuel. Prior to working with FIZIX, Aston were using an Excel spreadsheet to model financial investment, return and risk for such green energy projects. This spreadsheet was being used by students and industry partners as a modeling tool. There were a number of problems with the Excel based solution, most importantly that it was difficult for the University to extend, not ideal for distribution and was not particularly approachable for the end user due to the complicated user interface and exposure of underlying mathematics. The universities desire was to replace the spreadsheet with an interactive application that has a polished, easy to use interface and for underlying mathematics to be hidden away into the backend. With an incredibly tight deadline to work with, FIZIX produced the new AD Appraisal tool, a web based application with a slick, easy to use interface. In order to make the application as easy to use and approachable as possible, we elected to use sliders for the configuration of situation and farm parameters such as livestock information, silage and current energy bills. Charts were selected as the main output of choice, representing complex information as visually as possible, supplemented by detailed data tables where required. These charts update in real time, giving an immediate visual response and allowing users to configure farm information more intuitively. In order to make the application as extendable as possible, a modular HTML5/JavaScript approach was used and parameters in the backend mapped as closely as possible to the original Excel mechanism. This allows lecturers to extend and test mathematical changes in a familiar environment and then for fluid transition over to the web application. The end result was positively received by the University and end users; and delivered in an incredibly tight timescale to boot.

skills used: javascript , jQuery, CSS, Html, Photoshop, Illustration, Web Design, XML

Sociolus Dashboard

Sociolus is a baked social media application that allows users to connect their Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Google+ and Instagram social media accounts and unify their social media content, audience and overall social experience into one dashboard and allow them to distribute content and communicate across outlets from one place. At the heart of Sociolus is an integrated dashboard with a multi-channel, real time content feed that digests the latest happenings & trends within the users social circles and allows users to keep track, consume, share and communicate across social media outlets. This integrated style of content aggregation and engagement helps users discover more, interact more, share more and helps build deeper; cross outlet relationships between users, brands and trends. Sociolus also promotes audience engagement with a gamification engine and a brand rewards platform. A sophisticated brand popularity platform gauges who loves what brands, entertainers, TV shows and other content most and allows agencies & brands to push messages and rewards to relevant audiences. The brand popularity platform also feeds the latest interest relevant trends direct to the user, helping keep them up to date with the topics, content, media and products that are parts of their day to day lives.

skills used: CSS, jQuery, javascript , PHP, SQL, XML, Photoshop, Graphic Design, Html, OO


I headed a small team (through my studio FIZIX Studios) to develop Sociolus, a social media aggregation, analytics and statistics platform that features brand analytics, statistics, penetrative analysis, sentiment analysis, brand popularity, competitive and comparative analysis and social media campaigns.

skills used: javascript , PHP, CSS, jQuery, Photoshop, SQL, Advertising, Branding , Html, XML

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Within Lincolnshire.
Within United Kingdom.
Can telecommute.

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