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Stuart Harding - Designer / UI Developer

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Graphic Designer and Web Developer based in the South of England using Adobe Creative Cloud, LAMP and any other tools. Currently using AngularJS/Angular4/React on a NodeJS underpinning with Sass/Stylus and Pug/HAML for styling and markup for an analytics SPA in pure HTML5 and CSS3. Vanilla JavaScript is preferred over jQuery for DOM manipulation.

From a Technical Illustration background through Graphic Design, then web design and into PHP development and currently parked in UI design and development.

Solid knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript (ES5 and ES6), MySQL, Photoshop, Illustrator, SVG, InDesign, layout, typography, semantic web, Agile and Scrum using tools such as Target Process for project management and Atlassian for everything else.



Joint developer on this Drupal site, of which the client was adamant that a Flash splash screen was necessary, so we employed a sprinkling of jQuery so as to not affect SEO too much.

skills used: Drupal, PHP, Photoshop, Illustrator, jQuery, CSS, Html, MySql


Solo developer of bespoke OOP framework and CMS built in PHP with a MySql database. All pages run through a bootstrap file. There are a few bugs (mainly with the display of 404s whereby they do not display as yet) and it is under constant development. Elements are made live when they are appropriate and have undergone testing.

skills used: PHP, Photoshop, Illustrator, CSS, Html, jQuery, MySql, Apache

RPS Group

Writer, Designer, Illustrator, Animator. This Flash animation was the second of the penguin Christmas eCards. The animation was storyboarded, planned and drawn in Illustrator. All sprites were and imported to Flash with all layers available to allow for individual sprite animation within sprite groups (the penguins). The music was chosen by the client (as were the Wooly Mammoths!). The first can be seen at:

skills used: Flash, Html, CSS, Illustration, Illustrator, Actionscript, Character Design

RPS Group

Initially maintaining flat html pages, then joint developer using Kentico, a template based content managed system built in Creating templates and hierarchical page structures based on flat designs created by an in-house design team.

skills used: .NET, CSS, Html, Photoshop


Main developer and designer. Designed database, logic flows and inner user interfaces along with administrative tools and exporting to format (rich text) for InDesign import. Log in required and due to the nature of the site, it cannot be given.

skills used: AJAX, CSS, Html, MySql

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