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I am an experienced, client architect, graphic designer, web developer and freelancer who specializes in making websites that are open to every living soul, simple to utilize and successful. I believe in making things greater than they are.


Posted by Bilal Ahsan

Written testimonial:
I have been hiring Fiz for many of my online needs and may i commit to say for every job i hired him, he has always met or has exceeded my expectations. I look forward to hire him as my online consultant in future.

Posted by Stephen T. Jones (Owner), Series Sites

Written testimonial:
In 2013, I made the decision to partner with Fayzan Zahid, and Xpert Solutions to organize the chaos of my 7 high traffic websites. As a valued part of my team I gave them the power of influence to lead my Web Development, Server Hosting and Full Time Maintenance package. As a entrepreneur this investment gives my company the freedom and opportunity to create and implement additional ventures.

Posted by John (DOCTOR / (Client), Personal, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES

Written testimonial:
Showed a good understanding of the problem, demonstrated high technical skills and provided useful support.

Posted by Attiya Shafaq (CEO ), ILAF LAW HOUSE

Written testimonial:
Fiz did amazing and satisfactory work. Really impressive and professional work. I am looking forward to engage him for any further projects that we come across.

Posted by Fatima Patel (Director),

Written testimonial:
It’s been great working with Fiz. There are many talented developers out there but Fiz communicates better than most which is important when working on a project like this. Not only did he work quickly, but he always responded quickly to any of my emails, something I value a lot when trying to keep a project on schedule. He designed a great looking site and also found ways to improve my SEO and usability while being amenable to the few things I needed to maintain in my design. Highly recommended!

Posted by Nasreen Kareem (CEO),

Written testimonial:
I’ve been really, really impressed with the level of customer service you provided. You’ve made me a loyal customer and I will certainly recommend you to others assuming the development is anywhere near as successful as the customer support I’ve received.


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skills used: Wordpress, PHP, MySql, Html, CMS, AJAX

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Within Lahore.
Within Cantonment.
Within Pakistan.
Would permanently relocate.
Can telecommute.

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