Frank Booth

Scrum Master and Dev Ops Engineer


2 Years experience as a Scrum Master / Coach.
14 Years solid web development experience, with top brands. (Perl,PHP,Python,Javascript).
2 Years development for a software house. (C,VB,Unix,C++,Perl,Oracle)




Wrote the underlying structure for the storage of stock and share information.

Wrote the underlying server that retrieved stocks and share information from Telekurs financial data brokers.

Wrote the front pages that displayed the market data graphically using flash generator.

skills used: Perl, XML, SQL, UNIX, Oracle, Javascript, C

Vizzavi / Vodaphone

If you were a Vodaphone customer in 2000 and you suddenly found you had a Vizzavi email address instead. That was me. Don't worry you weren't alone 2.5 Million other people got migrated too.

Also used Broadvision, LDAP, Sybase, Java, Awk, Sed, Postgres and Bash for this project.

skills used: PHP, MySql, Perl, XML, SQL, UNIX, LINUX, C


Created a server that delivered the distance between two postcodes, then applied this to an Oracle database to enable volunteers to find vacancies in charities that matched their requirements and locations.

skills used: Perl, XML, SQL, UNIX, LINUX, Oracle, Javascript, C

IPC Media

Created a secure CMS framework to deliver web content such as articles, competitions, reviews, external links and images using PHP library code and a mySQL database

skills used: PHP, MySql, Perl, SQL, UNIX, Javascript

IPC Media

Created a generic pagination tool and SQL practices to deliver information in a paginated HTML page, that used a simple framework. This standardised paging, and made it easier to put paging on search data.

skills used: PHP, MySql, Javascript

IPC Media

Created Object Oriented Libraries in PHP to deliver content from different databases.

skills used: PHP, MySql, SQL, UNIX, Javascript

IPC Media

Created the graphing tools to generate the wine tracker graphs that enables comparison of wines from different vintages and regions.

Also was part of a team porting existing content from the legacy CMS

skills used: PHP, MySql, Perl, SQL, UNIX, Javascript

Work Flexibility

Location flexibility

Within Greater London.
Within United Kingdom.
Would temporarily relocate.
Can telecommute.

Length of contract